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  1. Ryuji

    Happy Birthday Cake!

  2. Hime

    Hope you are enjoying your Day of Birth!!! I love your photo cover, btw!

  3. drill

    Happy Birthday, Cake! Hope you have a great day :)

  4. I always love these. Not only with technology but brands in general. There was a recent promo for Microsoft's Surface tablets and the Ghost in the Shell movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN5aW9AAIjQ
  5. This is awesome. Now if only I'd finish watching everything on my backlog.
  6. I recently started watching Nadesico. I'm not too into mecha related series, but this parody is great. So that got me thinking, what other parodies am I missing out on? [spoiler=Nadesico dub videos] http://a.pomf.se/pwjqkd.webm http://a.pomf.se/wncxjw.webm A few other great examples are: Gintama Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Genshiken Feel free to list any comedy anime that are borderline parody, e.g., Inferno Cop and Nichijou.
  7. Yeah, it's definitely gory with all the eating going on.
  8. Haven't started watching it yet, so I'm not reading those spoilers yet. I have a question though. I hear a lot of people love Asuka. Do you think she'd be a good main character or is she fine in her current role? She's practically the only reason I want to watch this.
  9. I've always had issues with ISPs in my area. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because there are only two. My connection always seems to short out and take a few minutes to come back on. It's not that frequent, but when it happens it's extremely annoying. Has happened with cable and DSL, so I have no idea. At least with DSL it doesn't go down for days. I used to have to wait a full week for the cable company to come and get it fixed. Like @drill said, replacing the modem doesn't always help. They had me do that a few times and I still had issues. It must have something to do with the wiri
  10. I'm not sure of many series that are extremely violent, but I guess that depends on what you think of as violent. Have you seen Akame ga Kill!? It didn't hold back with deaths or limbs. Would you consider Tokyo Ghoul violent? I actually no idea whether I would since the first season wasn't that violent, IIRC.
  11. Cake

    Do you own a forum?

    I do. Since 2009, I've been a lead administrator on a site. The site has gone through a lot of changes and even died a few times. The previous owner got busy with college and such, so I ended up owning it and rebooting it with a few friends/old members in early 2014. It definitely takes a lot of time to organize things, but it can be a lot of fun if the community is made up of cool people. Being good friends with your staff is super important too since you want to avoid drama. I think of them as family. I'm picky about forum software and still unsettled with my current choice—Vanill
  12. I can't really remember much of the dubs I've seen so I'm just going to list the ones that immediately come to mind. Gurren Lagann: The dubs weren't far off with their translations and fit the mood. I liked "bro" better than "aniki." The original was great too but a little hard to get used to after watching the whole series dubbed. Either way, it's worth watching both versions just for the movies that haven't been dubbed. Ghost Stories: The dub for this one isn't good because it's translated well, but because they decided to scrap the script and made the show something else entirely.
  13. @Optic: I dislike bloated platforms so I avoid them. Wordpress is pretty bloated in that sense. I don't know about Joomla but I have heard the name. I used Bootstrap for a big project last year, but I've been using Semantic UI lately. It's easier to pick what I want out of it than to use the whole thing, but it's great as a whole. Check it out if you're interested. I love the default design; they also have themes but I haven't tried them out yet. Actually, on that subject, if you're interested in good design check these out as well. IT at a school seems interesting. Anyone cause trouble y
  14. Cake

    Windows 8

    I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop. The 8.1 update was good for things like the search outside of metro but I never really liked metro. The way the apps are always full screen or split weirdly apart from the desktop took away from the experience. Windows 10 does that right. Metro apps are a still a thing but there's no start screen and metro apps can be treated like regular windows. The tiles show up on the start menu and all that jazz so you still have that. I think you can actually extend the start menu and make it bigger if you want that. I used to prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8 because of
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