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  1. I always love these. Not only with technology but brands in general. There was a recent promo for Microsoft's Surface tablets and the Ghost in the Shell movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN5aW9AAIjQ
  2. This is awesome. Now if only I'd finish watching everything on my backlog.
  3. I recently started watching Nadesico. I'm not too into mecha related series, but this parody is great. So that got me thinking, what other parodies am I missing out on? [spoiler=Nadesico dub videos] http://a.pomf.se/pwjqkd.webm http://a.pomf.se/wncxjw.webm A few other great examples are: Gintama Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Genshiken Feel free to list any comedy anime that are borderline parody, e.g., Inferno Cop and Nichijou.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely gory with all the eating going on.
  5. Haven't started watching it yet, so I'm not reading those spoilers yet. I have a question though. I hear a lot of people love Asuka. Do you think she'd be a good main character or is she fine in her current role? She's practically the only reason I want to watch this.
  6. I've always had issues with ISPs in my area. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because there are only two. My connection always seems to short out and take a few minutes to come back on. It's not that frequent, but when it happens it's extremely annoying. Has happened with cable and DSL, so I have no idea. At least with DSL it doesn't go down for days. I used to have to wait a full week for the cable company to come and get it fixed. Like @drill said, replacing the modem doesn't always help. They had me do that a few times and I still had issues. It must have something to do with the wiri
  7. I'm not sure of many series that are extremely violent, but I guess that depends on what you think of as violent. Have you seen Akame ga Kill!? It didn't hold back with deaths or limbs. Would you consider Tokyo Ghoul violent? I actually no idea whether I would since the first season wasn't that violent, IIRC.
  8. Cake

    Do you own a forum?

    I do. Since 2009, I've been a lead administrator on a site. The site has gone through a lot of changes and even died a few times. The previous owner got busy with college and such, so I ended up owning it and rebooting it with a few friends/old members in early 2014. It definitely takes a lot of time to organize things, but it can be a lot of fun if the community is made up of cool people. Being good friends with your staff is super important too since you want to avoid drama. I think of them as family. I'm picky about forum software and still unsettled with my current choice—Vanill
  9. I can't really remember much of the dubs I've seen so I'm just going to list the ones that immediately come to mind. Gurren Lagann: The dubs weren't far off with their translations and fit the mood. I liked "bro" better than "aniki." The original was great too but a little hard to get used to after watching the whole series dubbed. Either way, it's worth watching both versions just for the movies that haven't been dubbed. Ghost Stories: The dub for this one isn't good because it's translated well, but because they decided to scrap the script and made the show something else entirely.
  10. @Optic: I dislike bloated platforms so I avoid them. Wordpress is pretty bloated in that sense. I don't know about Joomla but I have heard the name. I used Bootstrap for a big project last year, but I've been using Semantic UI lately. It's easier to pick what I want out of it than to use the whole thing, but it's great as a whole. Check it out if you're interested. I love the default design; they also have themes but I haven't tried them out yet. Actually, on that subject, if you're interested in good design check these out as well. IT at a school seems interesting. Anyone cause trouble y
  11. Cake

    Windows 8

    I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop. The 8.1 update was good for things like the search outside of metro but I never really liked metro. The way the apps are always full screen or split weirdly apart from the desktop took away from the experience. Windows 10 does that right. Metro apps are a still a thing but there's no start screen and metro apps can be treated like regular windows. The tiles show up on the start menu and all that jazz so you still have that. I think you can actually extend the start menu and make it bigger if you want that. I used to prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8 because of
  12. And another cake one for the fans: Probably my favorite:
  13. I want a few adapted, but I'm doubting it'll happen: Yotsuba&!: The story's really fun and Yotsuba always makes me happy. I think it'd be easily animated into a short twelve episode series, but it's been out for years now so there's doubt. Shinazu no Ryouken: This is fairly new so I doubt it'll be adapted any time soon. It's action based and its setting would be really good for animation. Basically humans are immortal unless they have "Resurrection Deficiency Syndrome." People with RDS are hunted down because they can spread it. The main character is a woman who protects them. She u
  14. So true. I haven't even finished the first season, but I got spoiled on a lot of things and I already agree with you. I think the ending was enough, but a spin-off would be really cool. Have you seen the movies? The second one is slightly different and the ending is nice. I'd love for Ben-To to get a second season, but sadly it looks like it's never going to happen. They had some characters that could've been more fleshed out and the story could've easily kept going. Same deal with Darker than Black. It doesn't look like BONES is ever going to make up for the weird ending in the
  15. I just started Shirobako and it looks really good, although I didn't expect all that drifting. Still haven't watched episode 2 but I might tonight. Aside from that I'm watching Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) and Daily Lives of High School Boys. Both are really funny. I didn't expect Assassination Classroom to be so good even my friends told me the manga was great.
  16. Whoops, I totally forgot to include PHP. I haven't used it in forever aside from one recent project. I'm already a developer/web designer; I've done some freelancing in the past few months. I'm currently working on a startup so that's exciting (and exhausting)! Ah, what do you work in? @AkashiSeijuro: Thanks, and I'll watch out for you, heh.
  17. Cake


    @ssjup81: Basically means you aren't making money or studying for a career. It's an acronym for not in employment, education, or training. I dropped out of school when I was fourteen, but I did a lot of self studying and research. I'm freelancing now so I'm technically not NEET, but some days it feels like that. Hoping to change that soon once I have a stable business.
  18. [spoiler=Spoilers for Hanekawa's development]Ah, Hanekawa's tastes are symptoms of what's wrong with her rather than the cause. So don't take that too personally. It's more about that she has absolutely no preference when it comes to her likes or dislikes. She just accepts what comes to her; has to do with her lack of self worth. That arc dealt with her getting over some of that. But yeah, when she ate plain food it was just purely for survival and she didn't care about the taste. If she had a reason for preferring it to be plain then it wouldn't have been a problem. I'll have to check
  19. That's really tough. I avoid those types of compulsions unless the outcome is good. So I think it'd be fine for a calendar if your goal is to be productive and not just adding in small stuff that may not be to your favor. A physical calendar has less space so it makes it better in that sense. I suck with focus when I stop moving, so I really need something to make me want to keep going.
  20. Well that's awesome. I like romance anime as well as long as they don't drag on—like no kissing until chapter 100/season 3. I'm a salt lover and will probably take that to my grave. I love ketchup/tomato sauce but I've been trying other things since sometimes it actually takes away from the food's flavor. It depends on when you use it, really. No worries about rambling, I love that kind of stuff.
  21. Medaka Box and Noragami were good. Medaka Box is awfully inspiring. If you don't like it initially, you might once you get past the first few chapters because the story really picks up when the antagonist shows up. If you're into horror and ecchi (combined, apparently): Dead Tube and Ana Satsujin are seriously good. They're just not for the light hearted, so don't get into those if you don't like NSFW or gore stuff. Ana Satsujin is seriously cute despite that though and it has some romance.
  22. It's been hard for me because I've had so much time on my hands and I find myself losing focus, so I decided to get a calendar to be productive. I think a physical calendar can be seriously encouraging if it's in sight of where you usually work. If you're looking to gain productivity you'll want to list things and then cross off each day that you're productive. The goal being to make a chain of crossed off days and trying not to break that chain.
  23. Cake

    OS of Choice

    I grew tired of Windows a few years ago and I switched to Arch Linux for about three or four years. At first, updating was a real pain, but after a year they had some fixes and everything ran smoothly. My only issue with Linux was that most of the better applications (UX/design wise) were only on OS X or Windows. After I heard that Microsoft was doing a Windows 10 preview I got into that and got back into Windows on my desktop. They've made awesome improvements; it's way better than Windows 7/8/8.1. Anyway, I use Windows 10 on my desktop (where I had Arch Linux before) and Windows 8.1 on
  24. My name's Cake, but I surprisingly don't really like cake. I picked the name about eight years ago because I needed an alias and it just kind of stuck. I love learning and improving. I'm into programming, cooking, writing, psychology, and deconstructing things to figure out how they work. A bunch of other stuff as well. It's really fun to get into these things, but it's depressing when you lose momentum. Luckily, I'm also ambitious and optimistic. I got back into anime a few years ago after not watching much. Bakemonogatari was what got me wanting to watch more; I love things with ch
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