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  1. I've been waiting for this season for so long, I forgot to watched the finale for season 2. Lol, well, I barely remember anything at this point so I guess it would make sense to go back a little. I'm looking forward to it though.
  2. Does Pokemon count? Other than that, I'd probably have to say Inuyasha to be honest. I remember staying up late one night when my cousin came to visit and I saw it playing on adult swim. This was before I started seeing Toonami. I've never watched the whole thing yet though, maybe in the future.
  3. I just started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, I love it so far. I can see how much Akira has influenced it and how much it has influenced Attack on Titan, definitely a good sign, can't wait to watch the rest.
  4. I posed this question in Reddit and it got a healthy response so I figured, why not put it here. My friend believes that Madara dying for the sake of bringing back Kaguya was a bad idea for the plot. How do you guys feel about it? Mind you, he loves Madara...
  5. I had just finished uploading my fan art in the Gallery section and wanted to make a thread for it in the Creative Corner but I literally cannot select the forum to create the thread there. Every other option can be selected besides that one. I am new here so is it because of that or is this a technical problem?
  6. JalStar

    jo3HD Artwork

    This album will be a collection of anime based fan art. All the artwork done is by me and my friend jo3HD. You can check his other artwork out here: https://jo3hd.deviantart.com/ Online shop coming soon.

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