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  1. The continuation of both Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and Record of Grancrest War
  2. Around a length or so of a full-sized swimming pool, underwater the whole time! I have 2 Simon’s Cat ones, 2 anime ones, a black phoenix rising from black flames , 1 love quote one and 10 Disney ones so far!
  3. Quite possibly South Korea (just not North Korea, for obvious reasons!)
  4. Nope, I cannot play chess to save my life, lol! I’d find it far too complicated!
  5. Episode 11 of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (of course!) Episode 11 of School Babysitters Episode 11 of KOKKOKU
  6. Still haven’t seen those ones yet Rozen Maiden
  7. Crunchyroll (as a paying Premium Member) and Amazon Prime Video (as a paying Amazon Prime Member)
  8. Nope, not at all, lol!!! I do indeed, 16 of them so far! I’m totally useless when it comes to maths I’m afraid, sorry!
  9. No, no and no to all three of those questions, lol! I personally cannot stand YouTube whatsoever! I never use it for anything! Not even boredom!
  10. It’s a pretty good ecchi comedy/action/fantasy series, one of the best IMO! I hope that you enjoy watching all current 3 seasons of it! The highly anticipated 4th season starts airing in April!
  11. I really love the soundtracks and score music to most animated Disney movies! Nope, have never tried and never want to try either, lol! It’s just not me!
  12. I have, but I really don’t have the knack or the talent for it whatsoever, lol!
  13. Yes I do, whom I also live with, he does like and will watch anime occasionally, just no where near as often as what I do, lol! Some of his favourite series include Bleach, Kuroko’s Basketball and Death Note! I do indeed, I support Manchester United!
  14. I’ve probably got a number of badges/stickers and the like lying around too! I do believe that there was some kind of earlier ice/freeze card yes!
  15. I haven’t heard of that one before! Will have to look up soms more about it!
  16. I’ll only ever be interested in watching this series if it’s English subbed! English dubbed and sorry, but I definitely won’t be interested, lol!
  17. Later on today (Saturday) I will be watching episode 11 of SANRIO BOYS and the penultimate 23rd episodeof The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  18. Girigiri - Sonar Pocket - World Trigger anime first opening theme
  19. I’ve always liked the name Holly so I would probably change it to that!
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