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  1. Wet

    Live Entertainment

    im a fan of wedgy
  2. my discord is Ze Ro#9630 so add me if you wish to join.
  3. @Kohloo well its a server. not much else to add. i want to meet fellow cool friends. that is all. u dont NEED to join. but if u want to chill. U CAN COME
  4. ahaha not exactly but id appreciate my moist comrades
  5. nice. Ze Ro#9630 add me
  6. hi anyone wanna be friends and wanna be in my server? drop ur disc if u wanna
  7. https://soundcloud.com/jupreach/plays

  8. why you flipping tables fam
  9. love is blooming on this thread and its amazing
  10. to all. i mean it's kind of impossible to do online dates cus im not a good rper but its the thought that counts i mean if you really wanna be my waifu i accept and will love u as much as i can but im honored that your first post was this thread and it's kind of funny ngl what do u suggest fam damn dude im not that rich it's ok. come back when you're feeling better i dont mind we all go thru up and downs in life. ight i c how it is blueninjaneko
  11. i need an animeforum waifu anyone whos a cool waifu pls lmk if you want me to be ur anime husband thanks
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy1939azs2I&index=87&list=PLB5A294C912C49005
  13. I have been summoned. Water is indeed wet. Science is wrong.
  14. Wet


    Just basketball.

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