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  1. irrelevant but thought OP name was boobies
  2. https://soundcloud.com/jupreach/plays

  3. Wet


    Roxeg is a savage.
  4. Wet

    who wanna be my animeforum waifu

    love is blooming on this thread and its amazing
  5. Wet

    who wanna be my animeforum waifu

    to all. i mean it's kind of impossible to do online dates cus im not a good rper but its the thought that counts i mean if you really wanna be my waifu i accept and will love u as much as i can but im honored that your first post was this thread and it's kind of funny ngl what do u suggest fam damn dude im not that rich it's ok. come back when you're feeling better i dont mind we all go thru up and downs in life. ight i c how it is blueninjaneko
  6. i need an animeforum waifu anyone whos a cool waifu pls lmk if you want me to be ur anime husband thanks
  7. your name starts with a W like mine so automatically you are the 2nd best here (while I'm first best of course)
  8. Wet

    My Artwork

  9. Wet

    Suggestions For My Next Music Project

  10. Wet


    just for that i like u now
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