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  1. Better go to church and think about your life. Everyone is on this world for some reasons and has to do something. If you don't know why u exist, just wonder what exactly existence is. Does world have reason to exist? Why is it at all?
  2. There are these stereotypes where I live and it hurts cause I am against these things I wrote and it's weird. And that it's for children is the same where I live.
  3. Dude I didnt say that lgbt or something what I wrote is bad thing. I just asked if you know the most common opinions from people who don't watch anime about anime community and I wrote some ones cause not every anime fan support lgbt or is vegan but people generalize. Just read with understanding. It's directed to first part of your statement.
  4. You know some stereotypes about anime and people who watch it? For example, I heard that someone who watch anime is lgbt supporter, sjw, atheist, antycapitalist or vegan or another shit. You know some?
  5. I'm playin FIFA 16 career as a player. This player is Quebo Asamoah, he's black and he's from France and plays in York City. He was top scorer in last season. After that career I will start career as young Japan player who plays in Japan league and loves anime like I do
  6. Basoc

    Relieving Stress

    My stress comes from almost everthing and to relieve the stress I just don't give a damn about it. And sometimes I pray cause it helps me. I just don't give a shit about everthing and I'm happy
  7. Basoc#8678 It's my discord U can add me :3

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