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  1. I'm really hooked on op mc's because the anime that hooked me on watching anime is One Punch Man, though Naruto was the first anime I have ever watched.. I think. So I'm sharing my knowledge bout them badass op mc here, I also want to advertise my Web Novel but don't please don't think cheap of me. Manga The Gamer Noblesse Re: Monster Ore to Kawazu-san isekai hourouki Tenseishichatta yo World Customize Creator Only Sense Online (eugh) Isekai meikyuu de Harem wo Isekai Maou to Shoukan dorei Majutsu The New Gate (this is rea
  2. I've been reading this manhwa for a while now and it's really good, freaking vampires n' sht. So I was just wondering if this will get an anime adaptation since its been 2 years since the trailer was released.
  3. Drifters, Akame ga Kill, I think you will like it since its mc's are op (kind of). If you're into wars you can try Arslan Senki though the mc is kinna weak you'll enjoy it I promise. Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni is is also good, mc is a demi-god (not exaggerating), and romance (harem).
  4. 5. Yu Yu Hakusho 4. Berserk 3. One Piece 2. Naruto 1. DBS i aint a fan of dbs btw, luffy could've been second but he's still not on his prime edit: i chose the mc's for the rankings
  5. yeah so far I've watched Overlord, SAO, Log Horizon, No Game No Life, KonoSuba, isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni. So imma need more isekai hehe. and while im on it, how many days does a new Light Novel chapter take? grammar's bad, i apologize
  6. Erratic


    ye by code you mean language? well so far i only know java, javascript and html its really basic *sigh* i aint special i was forced, we can choose one out of 3 special subjects which is Bookkeeping (accounting), Cooking, and Computer, I chose computer because I thought its something like "this is a mouse, this is a monitor..." but no it frkin taught us coding, but when i was like 12 or so I realized that I could be a developer in this game called "Minecraft" (please dun flame me), and I developed plugins and such for some servers. its creative and fun, sometimes, when you have b
  7. Just as he said, One Piece is great, every episode matters and entertaining. I'm at episode 719 and it's still entertaining, the plot is still growing though.
  8. I'd recommend these; They're like reincarnations/new world or isekai n' stuff so iz pretty cool Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni (mc's overpowered btw) Re: Zero (dis ful die) Drifters (dis nerd war) Overlord (3rd season's on July; also has game genre) Knight's & Magic (robots.. eugh, mc's smartass tho) KonoSuba(though this anime is a joke (haha get it? coz its plot is lik-.. a. jok--.. k ill stop)) btw if you like zero to hero/something animes there's DanMachi (dungeons, and adventures, and cute onee--san's) Shakugan no Shana (magic(they call it existence)
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