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  1. \OwO/ Happy Birthday!

  2. Currently, SAO II. I'm quite disappointed Akame ga Kill story started to stray off from the manga after the end of episode 19.
  3. Still playing a PS3, 3DS and PS Vita. The rest I still have with me, a PS2, NDS and several PSP(s).
  4. WingedHao

    Pokemon Series

    Went with fire again. I know many were complaining about Braixen or Delphox wearing a skirt but I got over it after awhile. Besides, Fire and Psychic are a nice mix.
  5. Finished the anime yesterday and I didn't thought I would enjoyed it so much. Find the story to be well written and the 2nd half of the show was quite intense. Really guys, do yourself a flavor and start watching Shinsekai Yori if you haven't.
  6. I just kept myself up to date to the latest episode, 14. New OP felt inferior to the 1st one, but maybe it might grows on me later on. Also, that last few mins of fight scene at the end was just so damn good.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPjASl6OENw One of my favorite video game bands. Never get tired of their violin + guitar combo.
  8. WingedHao


    I supposed blu-ray videos (or movies) are region free on PS3? And are based on alphabetic? Because the only blu-rays I've got over here are PS3 games. lol. And the regions are based on numbers. (R1 is US, R2 is JPN/EUR etc.)
  9. Who's' the character in your header image? :)

    1. WingedHao


      Clarissa from Wild Arms Crossfire, a PSP game though.

  10. WingedHao

    Pokemon Series

    SS and HG were good, no doubt. I'm also liking the X / Y starters more than B / W. I skip using a fire starter for once because I hate the roasted pig and the evolutions are awful.
  11. WingedHao

    Pokemon Series

    The designs lose their charms after the Johto region. I don't think I can even remember 1/10 of the new Pokemon names in R/S/E. I'm only looking forward to how they gonna make use of the 3DS streetpass function and how much customizations they allow on your custom character. By the way, the new fairy type, it's effective against dragon. What in the world.
  12. WingedHao


    I eat occasionally. Usually go for the 2 or 3 pieces of chicken (original recipe) meal and also change my coleslaw to cheese fries.

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