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  1. Kasplant


    Hi all, I am here to talk about the release of Beta V1 of my project DragonBreeZee. (link removed) DragonBreeZee is a 2D Online Roleplaying Game inspired by Dragonball (Z, Super). The graphics are a mix of the classic Breeze Revolution tileset and custom sprites and tiles. The focus of the game is on collecting gear, exploring the world, unlocking new skills and areas, finding collectables and PVP combat. You can find more information on the game, the features and the story, as well as a discussion board (link removed) We also have a Discord: (also removed) (majority of images removed) hey kasplant, sorry, but please read the rules and regulations before you advertise your game, i know how you feel, but this is not the right time or place to be advertising it, you can advertise anything you want on your page , and also on signature, assuming signature is within length (being 800x250, and aslong as it does not contain anything explicit, and or offensive content in it) as such, im leaving this unhidden, but edited, to leave examples for other users that may advertise thanks for understanding -- xii360 of Af-forums (5/22/2019 -- 12:05am) edit: forgot to mention, any violent reactions, and or problems, please contact me or the other staff, domo, and have a good night
  2. Thanks! Really appreciate it! I have a lot more, but I'm not sure when it's crossing the line between showing off and advertising... Ill post a new screenshot once my UI Goku transformation is finished! If you are really interested though, in the description of the youtube vid you can find more information!
  3. Hi guys, I have a little DBZ Online RPG project that is close to releasing a battle tech demo, so I wanted to start working on cutscenes. I also wanted to show off my NPC's I have been working on, so I spent all day making this silly vid. Thought it was a funny way to show off my pixel art All DBZ artwork is OC, most of the tiles are from the Breeze Revolution tileset. Hope you guys enjoy! Click here to see!
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys! Much appreciated!
  5. I never started drinking coffee and won't start. Have enough addictions at the moment
  6. Hi, Im a guy living in Spain, born in Holland. Mostly a DBZ fan to be honest. I guess it's the nostalgia factor.. Im even dabbling in creating an online RPG based on DBZ (copyright infringement, I know)
  7. A bit higher on ethernet connection.
  8. Ethernet when possible. I have 5GHz wifi and it works well, but on ethernet my speed goes up from 200mbps to 300.
  9. Kebab, and a while ago. I should eat something..
  10. Kasplant

    E3 2018

    Hoping to hear about cyberpunk personally. And I wish GF/Nintendo will finally announce a core Pokemon game for Switch!
  11. I tell them. Good for the soul!
  12. Coming from Holland and living in Spain at the moment!
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