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  1. Thank you everyone for warm welcomes! It's good to know I'm not the only old weirdo here. XD Ah, favourite Anime... let's see if I can get you a quick run-down, in no particular order, I'll just list them as they come to me: Gundam Wing, Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Gravitation, Cute Earth High Defense Club, Blue Exorcist, Black Butler (though I dropped out of it for a while, but trying to get back into it), FREE!, Yuri on Ice, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan (though I am SUPER far behind), Rurouni Kenshin, Pokemon, Digimon Descendants of Darkness, Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo!, DBZ, Cyborn 008, Big O (this is my husbands favourite one!! ), Space Dandy, Death Note.... and those are just ones right off the bat. TV shows and movies in general: Sherlock, Futurama, BoJack Horseman, My Little Pony, Aggretsuko, The Office, Parks and Rec. Lion King, Coco, House of Cards, House, Ripper Street, Batman The Animated Series.... I'll add more later. I don't get a lot of time to watch much TV. We mostly just pay for Netflix and use that instead of buying cable XD. I do have some favourite YouTubers that I highly reccomend: Nostalgia Critic (under Channel Awesome), The Cinema Snob (under Stoned Gremlin Productions), Phelous Porteous, Rob Dyke, IHE (I Hate Everything), Lazy Masquerade, Sorrow TV, Soothouse, Saberspark, The RPG Monger, Electric Dragon (also known as AniMat) I think I'll stop there for now. I am trying to get into some of the newer Anime that's come out but I don't know if I've just grown up or if the newer stuff sucks. I'm still in an internal battle with that, personally.
  2. I don't really mix my liquor. I like straight whiskey, bourbon etc. However, when the mood strikes me, my favourite is a BlackJack. It's Jack Daniel's whiskey with cranberry juice. Super good. So I suppose that does make me more on the "juice" side. I like the tang juice adds with the alcohol. The few times I'll mix soda and liquor is usually when I use Vodka. But, to me, soda waters down the liquor too much, I dunno.
  3. Hay there how are you liking the forums so far. :)

    1. King Blanketfort

      King Blanketfort

      They are very nice and welcoming. My only gripe is the odd choice of themes you guys have. While I prefer darker ones while I'm typing away at night. Sometimes I want a lighter coloured theme, and they just don't seem to exist here. Unless I'm missing something. I also feel old and left out because a majority of those Anime I've never even heard of. The only ones I know of are  Gundam Seed, Black Butler, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan and SAO. But I've only watched three of those lol. But that's on me XD.

    2. ArchieKun


      You can toggle themes at the bottom of the screen near the center. The print is kinda small, and hard to find sadly, but its there. You will find a blank light theme among those. So what table top games do you enjoy most.

  4. Lol "alcohols". Yes, yes I do. In fact, I'm always the bartender at me and my husband's house parties we host. I make the best drinks. My favourites are liquors, with whiskey being my top pick. Wine is wonderful of course, and it's certainly on my list. But don't think I'm above beer! Though I'm a bit of an import snob, and love Heiniken and my Japanese beer, Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban. And of course, we can't forget Sake. I love it hot the best.
  5. Granted, but now every person in the world constantly begs, pleads, emails, calls you for a wish to make for them. You are now saddled with that responsibility. I wish that I had a large pizza right now. (simple, I know but I'm hungry.)
  6. Male because... I'm male. I can't relate to a female character and personally, I like a good lookin' sexy man avatar ; ) Now where's my male harem?
  7. Hello, I am King Blanketfort! Ruler of the blanket forts, protector of Saturday Morning Cartoons, leader of the breakfast cereal and pajama party and surveyor of the Nostalgia Forest! Now that that "completely serious introduction" is over, hello! Somewhat of an old fogey, I'm an Anime fan of old. I'm a 31 year old married man. My husband and I have been together for nearly five years. I am a Mortician, with also an Art background so I also draw from time to time. I work in the field of Mortician, specifically an embalmer. Each week I host a sort of "group meeting" for the children within my religious following with which I am the ordained High Priest of my sector. We are a Pagan religion and choose to operate in private. Any questions, please feel free to ask. On my down time, besides drawing, I enjoy reading, writing and studying languages, ancient history and Mythologies. My favourites are Egyptian, Anglo-Saxon, Japanese, African and Mexican. A big fan of table-top and other forms of Role Playing, it goes without saying I am an enormous Tolkien fan as well, my favourite book being "The Hobbit." Though I'm not devoid of Sci-Fi love, with even a tattoo sporting my favourite: Star Trek. Music tastes vary upon my mood, but my go-to's are always classical, jazz/swing, lounge-style singing, and cultural folk and opera. However from time to time I enjoy my classic rock as well, with very rare likes of pop/R&B (90's era is the best). Odd quirks: I collect music boxes, old jewellery/antiques, snow globes, Buddhas, Dragons, horses/unicorns/Pegasus things and rubber ducks. Pleasure to be here, and I hope we can all have some great discussions.!
  8. Well if you want male fan service (as in, fan service depicting males) try Cute High Earth Defence Club. If the Anime is supposed to have it, fine, keep it there. But there needs to be a healthy balance between service for both genders and sexual orientations. I agree with you, as a gay male myself, I cant' tell you how turned off of an Anime I get with all the breasts bouncing and disgustingly wiggling about and the high pitched girly screams and male abuse. I cant' stand it, it makes me so angry. So overall, yes, my opinion is, if the Anime is meant to be a fan service Anime, fine, no big deal. But make it more broad. And if it's main focus is not fan service, do not put it in it. It distracts from the story and can alienate a lot of viewers.
  9. I adore Tattoos and Piercings. While I am not fond of face tattoos, if others want to have them, no big deal, but I personally wouldn't do it. However, up the neck and behind the ear, I already have. I have am working on two full sleeves, and my calves. The only piercings I have is snake bites, a le bre, ears, and used to have eyebrow, but I took it out. I think body art and modifications is just like art, it can be good, it can be bad---it's all subjective. But I certainly can admire someone for their dedication and passion.
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