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  1. As someone who wants to do game development as a career, naturally I've played a fair bunch of games in my life. I grew up playing Pokemon games, religiously buying one of the two games they'd release every now and then, and playing with Yu Gi Oh cards. When I was 13/14 I played Magic the Gathering for the first time since my Dad collected a lot of the cards from the 2nd edition ever released. I found some friends who played it and played with them but used the old cards that I had from my Dad. In the past couple months I've gotten back into Magic the Gathering since I found some more people who enjoy it in College. I started playing MTG Arena on the PC too. The most notable game that I played between the age of 12-16 was Minecraft. It was when it was at it's most popular and I made a lot of friends on it that I will probably keep talking to for years to come. I've drifted away from it now, however. My most activate game aside from MTG Arena right now is Onmyoji. I also play Touhou games now and then. I used to play Call of Duty World at War and Modern Warfare 2 a lot on the Xbox 360, but I no longer use consoles.
  2. I grew up watching Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh, and at one point I remember watching Dinosaur King at a young age. I was not aware that these were anime and simply referred to them as cartoons. The first anime I saw when I was aware of anime's existence was Death Note which made me want to watch more and more anime.
  3. Hay there how are you. Well as I promised here I am. As far as games I have not released any but would like to. Maybe you can give me some indite on how to really make a good one. I know the story part already as I am well a writer. :)

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    2. ArchieKun


      Oh ya that can be easily be fixed in the preferences which is just like windows control panel. Same concept different name is all. In terms of the creative sector a Mac is no better then a PC the same software such as ProTools and Adobe Suite are all available on Windows. So that is not true like most believe. One thing in that regard is true though is there is very much more marketing in the creative sector for Apple users then for PC users since PCs has been largely viewed for gamers, or productivity type usage.

    3. Kuramura


      If you mean in the system preferences or whatever it was called on a mac, I've gone in there and raised the mouse sensitivity to max before and it still feels too slow to me.  Is there another setting that I am not aware of?

    4. ArchieKun


      Ya I mean there is no question it is different in more ways then one. I do know Mac OSX addresses hardware slightly different then Windows dose. This is true of peripherals such as mouses and keyboards too.

  4. Nice. I tried out Game Maker once but I don't really like it that much compared to Unity. Have you released any of the games you've made?
  5. I tend to only rewatch the anime's that really left an impact on me when I first watch it. I like to wait at least a year before rewatching unless I have an urge to rewatch it at some point because I want to relive the feelings I had when I first saw it, and as more time passes, the less I remember about how it felt to watch the anime. There are exceptions where I rewatch something that didn't leave a huge impact on me. These anime's are usually ones which I hear someone talking about and think to myself "I haven't seen that anime in a long time... What even happened in it?" or something like that. If I remember that the anime wasn't good at all, naturally I wouldn't go and rewatch it. Anime's that I've rewatched at least more than twice include Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Spice & Wolf, Toradora, Steins;Gate, Guilty Crown, Shakugan no Shana and Code Geass.
  6. Do you work with others to make RPGs? Those can be hard to make on your own Also, do you make them in 2D or 3D?
  7. I just checked it out. Looks awesome! Sakuya is one of my favourites along with Flandre and Remilia
  8. Thanks Thank you! Thanks What kind of games do you like to program? Nice! Which character did you cosplay as? Was it Flandre (since she is in your profile picture)? Thanks! That sounds interesting. What languages do you use for that? I'm using Unity mainly at the moment. It was difficult until I properly got used to what the program can do. Of course, like every programmer, there are a lot of problems I run into all the time and I'm still quite new to C# so that makes it slightly irritating sometimes. Even so, I really find it satisfying when I fix an issue I come across which gives me more enjoyment out of it ^^ Thank you
  9. There are countless anime's that have really pulled on my heart strings so I'll mention one that I saw a few months ago which really got me. I watched Maquia while it was still airing in cinema's and there is one scene at the end that brought the majority of the audience to tears (I teared up, but managed to hold in until I was alone). I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet, but if you have seen it you will definitely know which scene I am talking about.
  10. Ooh! That game's on my steam wishlist. It looks pretty cool.
  11. Thanks ^^ I agree, it really is a fun combo! I find it to be a lot of fun. It is turn-based and there is another app called Onmyoji Arena which is like League. The official Touhou Project games are all bullet-hell games. There are a lot of fanmade games which are not bullet-hell games though. One of my favourites of the fanmade games is Touhou Big Big Battle.
  12. Hello! I'm Kurumi Nakamura, or Kuramura for short. This name is just an online alias however. I'm a 17 year old College student from the United Kingdom. I'm studying Games Development and I'm hoping to go to University to study Games Technology (basically the programming side of game developing). My two favourite hobbies are watching anime and playing games. My favourite anime of all time is Puella Magi Madoka Magica and it would take something really special to change that. I absolutely adore the abstract style by studio Shaft in this anime and the soundtrack is emotional and really captivating for me. I also find the characters really interesting and the choices they make are very understandable (I won't mention any choices they make just in case someone hasn't seen it). The game I'm playing the most at the moment is Onmyoji (which has characters voice acted by voice actors for anime). I play on the global server and my in-game name is also Kuramura if anyone else plays and wants to add me as a friend! 😊 I also enjoy playing Touhou Project games now and again. I'm really interested in the world in it but the game-play is awesome too (even if I'm not any good at it).
  13. I've been planning on watching that for the longest time, but I haven't gotten around to it. 😋 Katanagatari
  14. Kuramura


    Do you code? I've coded on and off for a few years but am really starting to get into it now. What code do you know? I'm learning the language C#. I have previously done python and Java but am not fluent in these at all. Why do you code? I'm learning to code because I aspire to be a games programmer. The C# that I am learning at the moment is being applied into games development that I am currently doing in College. What do you like about it? I've always enjoyed problem solving, and there is a lot of problem solving in coding. I took a Computing GCSE course in Secondary School and this interested me heavily in going into coding for a career. When I was thinking about what kind of coding I wanted to get into, I decided that coding for games would be the most enjoyable for me since I've grown up playing games which has led to gaming becoming my favourite hobby aside from watching anime. Since I'm learning to code for games, I'm loving it even more since I can see my code come to life in the form of game mechanics. Any tips? I'm not sure how serious you are about going into coding. If you want to learn as more of a side hobby than a career choice, I recommend checking out Codecademy. I've taken a few of the free courses from here in the past (mainly for Java rather than python though) and I found that they were quite good. Instead of just telling you things, you get to write code as you learn. If you're thinking of taking coding further and choosing it as a career choice, I'd recommend either taking a trustworthy online course (you could learn for free, but you're likely to get a better education from a paid course) or taking a course in College or University (I'm not sure how education works in countries other than United Kingdom though). Have you ever coded a game? I haven't coded a full game as of yet, but I am currently working on parts of a game for a project in College. I'm mainly focusing on enemy mechanics in this project since there is someone else working on GUI, menu's and player mechanics. This is a 2D side-scrolling game.
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