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  1. I grow up watching and using dragon ball z bedding which makes me feel like Goku lol
  2. I have a plan to enjoy valentine deals and watch anime on Valentine Day.,
  3. My very first manga was Dragon Ball Z and I was in 5th grade at that time, its an evergreen anime as many people in my area wear dragon ball z hoodies to support their favorite anime.
  4. Draw Winry Rockbell as it is drawn on my fullmetal alchemist pullover
  5. Cold and rainy today I am enjoying my day wearing warm fairy tail zip up hoodie and cap.
  6. I am playing Assassin's Creed Origins.
  7. I am a new anime lover and this is my first post. I have seen people wear anime hoodies I also like it and want to buy it. I am looking to buy these goku ultra instinct hoodie and naruto sage of six paths hoodie I search the website but sadly my size is out of stock. Can you guys recommend me another website who sell anime merchandise? Thank you!
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