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  1. Kanamesensei

    Weather in your area?

    cold, windy but sunny here in Texas☕
  2. Kanamesensei

    Hello! New to AF!

    Welcome to AF Raven! I live in Texas too. But Canada sounds like fun...and cold❄️
  3. Kanamesensei

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *sips coffee*☕
  4. Kanamesensei

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Well I think that computer and technology is the way to go. I am sure it keeps you busy just maintaining this site. We forget sometimes that forums is just not all fun and games. I couldn't even do it. I wish I could have learned what you know. But I am afraid that my brain decided to take a nap for all eternity
  5. Kanamesensei

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    What kind of work did you do briefly? I just like learning new things. Looks good on a resume.😎
  6. Kanamesensei

    Your Favorite Technology!

    I do too. Find some pretty cool stuff. My daughter had gotten me some antique stuff for my birthday and I have to say it is much better then new.😎
  7. Kanamesensei

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

  8. Kanamesensei

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    I like it. Been doing it for awhile. 😁
  9. Kanamesensei

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    I work at a bank in the accounts payable department. I get to pay the bills😏
  10. Kanamesensei

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Seems to be so. Do I need to come with a house-warming gift? Cake perhaps?😁
  11. Kanamesensei

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    This is a room I haven't been in.
  12. Kanamesensei

    Harassment Warning!!!

    Of all the forums I have been on, I had never seen that. But there are trolls everywhere. And they are usually banned by IP address. I understand because I know how to handle that kind of situation. They will eventually leave me alone.🤣
  13. Kanamesensei

    Harassment Warning!!!

    I get them every day it seems. I just ignore the messages and refuse to change my avatar just because of it. When I first joined, I thought it was the norm and thought "wow, did I see that right?" Good to know the admins are trying their best to stop the guy. Kudos☺️
  14. Kanamesensei

    Whats your New Year Resolution?

    I had some really good goals for this year...but my new year resolution lasted only half a day. Can anyone guess? Yes, it's the eat healthier and exercise resolution. I shouldn't have gotten rid of my chocolate bowl from my desk at work🤔
  15. Kanamesensei

    Happy New Year 2019!!

    Seems to me you can certainly read people. Let's just say that you are close. I am impressed. My mom has cancer. She doesn't know the stage yet but should find out this week. I have to say though that I told my daughter that it's the parents right to die before the child. I feel that my pain would be so much worse if I lose my daughter. (she is 18). You are sweet to say that about your mom. I like to think my mom is too.☺️
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