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  1. Feeling pretty good. My mom is almost in remission and my daughter is feeling better with her depression meds. Glad it is Saturday too😁
  2. It has been awhile since I have been here. Just going through a lot these days. Been dealing with my daughter since she is bipolar. She seems okay for now but I still worry about her. Her psychiatrist put her on Prozac and some other kind a med for anxiety. Today I feel okay.
  3. Tell that to my husband. He came from the Philippines. Now he is quite surprised to find out the USA is NOT a free country😕
  4. "The more you make, the more they take." That should be their motto. Even if you claim zero, that is still not enough. You need to give extra in order to not pay. Cost of living is high. But that's the government for you. I just see people who are desperate. So don't go running your car into the IRS buildings.😁 The USA is NOT a free country.
  5. Hot, cold, hot, cold.....no wonder we keep getting sick. One day it's warm and the next cold.
  6. Coffee is my favorite drink☕
  7. I hear you. This is the first time I owe taxes. I shouldn't have gotten married😞 I could have claimed head of household since I support my daughter. But I screwed up. I should have handled my withholdings better last year. But I was dealing with a person (husband) who hardly helped me financially. So I needed all my money up front. Now I know...But regardless...taxes gets you in the end. I don't itemize like you do. I wonder if it would even help?
  8. Oh and let's not forget taxes! The government gets you coming and going🙄
  9. Hope you enjoy your stay here. It is a great forum! Welcome!
  10. How did you know my favorite cake was chocolate? Is it because I am a woman and will kill for it?🤣 Smart man😁
  11. *sits in the corner* Don't mind me. I am just here for the cake....🍰
  12. Unfortunately it is extremely important for survival. But if we focus on having it, or wanting to have it, it can ruin lives for the most part. Like my husband,. He feels he can never make enough money and I am all about stability and living a simple life. So it stresses me out. Also I supported him for 2 years and I finally told him that he either has to pay half of everything or he can go live with his sister. Even though he helps now (he could help more) he is still stingy with his money. So the best advice about money...don't let it ruin you. Also life is too short to worry about trivial things.
  13. Feel relaxed and good right now. Just had coffee😁
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