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  1. Oh that would be awesome! I have two friends that knew each other online for a couple of years. One lived in England and the other Canada. They got close and now they are married! He moved from England to Canada and married her! I was so happy to hear that. So yea things can happen if they were meant to be.
  2. Hot and windy. I am so ready for winter...or fall as long as it comes with cooler weather.
  3. Ooh this is a good one. I picked Kanamesensei because I fell in love with Vampire Knight. On other forums, I would use Kaname for short. I prefer the sensei part.
  4. Kanamesensei

    coffee or tea

    Coffee 100% only because I was not allowed to drink it as a kid, but my dad always drank it. Usually instant. I prefer the brewed kind, hot or iced. Sometimes I will mix it up and try Korean or Vietnamese coffee which usually is instant. I would like to try tea they way the English do. I hear it is different then our Texas tea.
  5. That is awesome I have to say. I have always wanted to meet my friends from online but it was long time ago. Does it count that I met my husband online on a dating website?
  6. I know it has been awhile since I have been on here. I don't mean to be away so I do feel a bit sad. And tired all the time. Work has me going around in circles. But I am still loving it!
  7. Guess what I saw this afternoon? Something resembling rain
  8. Tired but happy with my new job
  9. *fries an egg on the sidewalk* Seriously hot
  10. Yes he is. We were so happy Manny won last night too!
  11. Serbia huh? No we don't have much winter here. It did snow a couple of years ago, but just for the day. It is a rare thing. Before that, it was 2004 when it snowed. It was a fluke to say the least. I would love to live in colder climate. But then again, I may not be use to it either. Sorry for the long delay in response. I have been super busy
  12. Not if it involves sweating. I don't like it. Unless I was in the tropics on the beach with an ocean breeze, then I could sweat it. But the heat and humidity of South Texas, it's just hot and stupid lol. Is it cold where you are? It is mostly hot here except for a brief season of winter. We sort of skip the other seasons...
  13. I am feeling a bit anxious and nervous. In two weeks I start a new job with the city and leaving my old job of 11 years. I feel like it is a fresh new start for me so I guess I can say I am also excited. I am also moving out of my house to another place. We will see if my husband will follow or if he decides to go back to the Philippines.
  14. I prefer books over e-books. Nothing like the smell of a book and just having it in your hands. I like to be able to keep something original versus technology. I know years from now, we may not have actual books. It will be a rarity.

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