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  1. Cut off mid sentence, The trooper was grappled from behind by one of the creatures. Raising it's ugly, distorted head above his neck, the creature let out an unnatural squeal of both pain and joy, as it went to sink it's morphed fangs into his neck.


    Staring the creature dead in the only disfigured eye it had, the soldier went to accept his fate…


    ….as the creature's head exploded.


    Standing at the edge of the building, Davis held his Blunderbuss aloft. Smoke drifted out of the end of the barrel, as he slowly unscrewed his flask with one hand and took a quick swig.


    In disbelief, the soldier tried to form words in his mouth, but he just couldn't. Pushing the carcass off himself, he picked up his sword, Gave a quick and appreciative nod to Davis, and continued on his way.


    Watching the soldier rush off to join the others, Davis once again sat beside Pint, and continued to feed ammunition into the weapon.


    Pint: (Throwing a few quick glances over to Davis, smiling) ‘Ya know lad, you're pretty damn accurate with that thing! How can ya aim a gun with that kind of spread anyway?’


    After a few seconds of silently staring off into the distance, Davis responded just as he was about to take another sip from his flask.


    Davis Drafter: (Without a smile, still staring off into the distance) ‘...I don't...’


    As Davis re-screwed the flask shut, it took pint a few seconds to get what he meant. Cracking yet another smile and shaking his head, Pint returned to laying waste to the onslaught of disfigured demons.

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      You know, just in case you forgot that the stories still going xD

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