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  1. I mean she isn't really 16 and they both love one another, but it was weird how she just lets him do it and the pig had to be the voice of reason which was annoying. I do agree though that Meliodas groping is inexcusable and he still has no shame (then again he is lacking in emotions), yet sadly this is how some men behave in trains in Japan and they rarely get in trouble for doing so. The blood being censored is indeed more important since this is a shounen anime and fighting and bleeding is what keeps the viewers.
  2. It was for both version when it got aired becuase of censor laws so naturally fans complained and now it's uncensored, kinda .
  3. Censorship: Just to make things more child friendly they are censoring animes like 7 deadly sins by making the blood white. I don't understand this, I mean even movies like avengers show blood and are still able to be child friendly so yh. Fan Service: There is soo much of it, they don't even try to make the fan service fit the story line they instead just shove it in your face.
  4. Pet is the anime I'm anticipating the most. The producers of this anime are Twin Engine, they have produced great shows this year like Dororo, Vinland saga and Babylon. So I have high expectations for Pet.
  5. Hello there, it looks like we both enjoy JoJo and Dr.Stone
  6. Hello Silenqe welcome to this forum.
  7. If you're having trouble with guessing the animes watch order then use this site https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/wiki/watch_order#wiki_watch_order_for_various_series Hope it helps.
  8. Welcome Brickdust We both watched the same animes during our childhood. I would recommend you watch the shorter series first then watch Naruto and Bleach. For Naruto and Bleach I would recommend skipping the filler episodes as they can get pretty boring. You can check this site https://www.animefillerlist.com/ to see which episodes are fillers. Comedy : Beelzebub, Saiki kusuo & Hataraku Moau-sama! Thriller : Baccano!, Steins;Gate & Yakusoku no Neverland Shounen : Hunter x Hunter(2011), Jojo & Kimetsu no Yaiba Romance: Kimi ni Todoke, Bunny girl senpai & Toradora Isekai : Overlord,The King's Avatar & re:zero Drama : Code geass, Attack On Titans & Death Parade
  9. I am currently watching: Vinlad Saga Babylon Blade of the immortal Cautious Hero Dr.Stone Welcome to Demon school! Fire force Kimono Michi: Rise Up 7 deadly sins Assassins pride Highschool prodigies One Piece (trying to catch up, 808 more episodes to go) I'll be watching The End of Evangelion and probably starting akame ga kill
  10. Personally I never really understood why Light just killed every criminal. I believe that capital punishment is only applicable in certain cases, for instance intentional murder, it should'nt be used to kill criminals like thieves. To me it would make more sense if Light killed criminals that are repeated offenders of assault, human trafficking or rapists. For some reason criminals like rapists, are allowed to go back to society after spending time in jail. To me this is pretty messed up because the rapist have runined the victims lives, and in some cases lead to them commiting suicide. All the punishment the rapist gets is to be thrown in jail, where they will have a roof above their head, and get fed. This a luxury in numerous poor countries. After all that, they still might be allowed back into society, so Light using his death note to kill off these types of criminals is justifiable.
  11. That's true they all deserved to be protected
  12. Nice to meet you too, glad we both like Makomo
  13. Magase Ai from Babylon : - She is extremly smart - Manipulative - A Villain - She is self aware - Does'nt shy away from killing - Mysterious Characters like her, Lelouch, Hisoka etc. are loved since they're so rare in anime. Not killing enemies when given the chance to is such bullshit, which a lot of shows do. Hence characters like Lelouch who kills his enemies is so great and popular.I assume the reason there're more heroic MC is to make animes more child friendly, as well as the fact that it's harder to write for them.
  14. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Lelouch_Joestar mine
  15. I've only watched the 2011 version but I do plan on watching the older version later on since I heard it's less censored.
  16. I hope to make some friends. I like to use puns a lot and I get bored often.
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