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  1. hi welcome to the forums.
  2. I'm reading Land of the Lustrous, Demon Slayer, and Beastars.
  3. It depends. I mostly watch anime dubbed, but there are some I preferred subbed more like Attack on Titan for example. With Jojo I like subbed and dubbed, and I loved Samurai Champloo's dub.
  4. One of my favorite characters is Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer. He's such a sweet, caring older brother to Nezuko and he's determined to save her from Muzan's curse. I love his kind nature and how even he gets annoyed at Zenitsu's antics (I still love Zenitsu though lol). I love his growth in the series and the friends he makes along the way. He endured so much and when fighting demons, he shows no resentment, but sorrow when they're defeated. Muzan is another story though. XP
  5. I understood where Light was coming from, but his method of punishment was too extreme. He really believed it was absolute judgment and if anyone questioned it, they were killed on the spot. He certainly didn't hesitate to kill anyone who suspected him of being Kira.
  6. I'm currently watching No Guns Life, Fire Force, Beastars, and Dr. Stone.
  7. Yes! totally! lol I appreciate the Killer Queen greeting.
  8. I'm kind of sad, but I'll be okay.
  9. Hello! :) I've been an anime fan for years and it's my first time being on an anime forum. Nice to meet you.

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