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  1. No problem! anytime Pretty sure it's the series you're looking for
  2. yeah it was to get people ready for the story of the "Tales of" game "Tales of Zestiria" and it's an amazing game just as all of their games I really recommend them But normally they don't make an anime about those games, only an episode.... BUT YOU'RE IN LUCK, they made an anime about it "Tales of Zestiria X" I haven't seen it up to date yet (and it starts completely differently from the game and the episode you saw) but personally if you want to watch it for the story I recommend you watch a playthrough of the game But if you really want watch it, then here's a link
  3. Yup, I used to listen to them all the time a year or two ago my favorite one is archangel wbu btw love the profile pic
  4. You'll change your mind one day
  5. Wroden

    Daily Quotes.

    "You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely."
  6. Ok so I don't have an incredible amount of experience with 'love' and certainly not 'true love' but here is my opinion. Love is something that just happens as Xyro had already stated and that's irritating. Especially when you think you've found someone and they like someone else. But when you do find that someone or have someone you liked for a long time finally like you back is something which I can only imagine as a beautiful experience that will (hopefully) last for a lifetime. I agree that there isn't anything like a "perfect relationship" but (if you're lucky) you can get damn
  7. For me it's gonna be Kiznaiver because it had an amazing story and the voice acting was great, the animation fit the story quite well in my opinion. The story kind of applies my own life at the moment, which made it even more interesting for me.
  8. Well if we're talking about actual couples, then it has to be Yamada x Shiraishi (Yamada-kun to 7-nin to majo) But my favorite couple (non-canon YET! ) is Gajeel x Levy (Fairy Tail)
  9. Well I have to say Akeno Himejima (I'm filth I know )
  10. for animation quality it has to be ufotable but my favourite is Witt studio, because I love the fluid motions of their animation (if that makes sense )
  11. people who think they're better than the rest What's your favorite disney song?
  12. These Who's the better cook, mom or dad?
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