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  1. So you're suppose to be that girl who teamed up with kirito in Gun Art Online? Idk, I Havent watched SAO in a while ;-; But I Did remember your character in reality in the anime was afriad with guns.

    1. Frost


      Sinon ends up teaming up with Kirito in Gun Gale Online, yes. :3 I enjoy her character, as I feel she has some very good "layers" about her. In reality, she had a fear of guns because of a traumatizing experience she went through as a child. She used GGO as a type of "therapy" for overcoming her fears. Her virtual character is a badass! But her real person is also very good.

    2. iQbliviqn_


      And kirito Looked like a girl, So when they were CHANGING clothes in the girls "room" kirito revealed he was a boy and then it went south. then it went on the right track AGAIN

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