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  1. Yo, we got Sango in here?! Maaaad respect
  2. YOOOOOO! That's what I'm saying! I'm so jealous that you get to experience the next few episodes for the first time lol
  3. All this considered it kinda feels like something I might end up watching... but like STRICTLY in private lol. I dont wanna have to answer to people that think I'm legit watching hentai, its just easier that way
  4. High recommend on Spy x Family Good fun, surprisingly good comedy, watching the characters react to different situations is great However... would you recommend DTWM Nagatoro? It looks kinda... fetishy/fan servicey at a glance
  5. @AnimedragonIdk man, I think it says a lot about the teachers if physical harm is all they can think of to effectively punish students. Not to mention how many kids just come from bad homes and only act out because they lost the "Parent Lottery", getting smacked around at school isn't gonna make them better people. Physical punishment is just a detterant, it doesn't usually teach any lessons besides "it hurts to get hit by a thing".
  6. @AnimedragonDamn I guess that's the difference in our schools then, I went to a run-of-the-mill High School in the middle of the 2010s. Saw people sleeping all the time, not every day but often enough that it wasn't ever surprising. The general understanding was that if you were asleep, that's your choice. They aren't gonna stop class for a kid that clearly decided they dont really care, they can just miss out. Not every teacher thought this way but enough of them did that I never got in any real trouble for it. This education system ain't shit anyway, I got good grades in school despite always being sleepy and taking naps. Most of the teachers are no good at passing their knowledge onto their students so missing the actual lessons didn't usually produce much difference unless it was like, Algebra.
  7. Congratulations man! You're doing things right to be able to feel that way, hope you're able to soak it all in!
  8. Sleeping in school is a right of passage lol, some of the best naps I ever took were at a desk
  9. Mei is underrated waifu full-stop, ambitious and PACKED with energy I havent read the manga but I hope she has more to do in the anime soon Edit: Blue Rose wasn't there when I sent the reply lol. I'm not familiar with Blue Rose, so maybe I have some studying to do
  10. I'll give you a hint, the show is "Bleach" and her name rhymes with "Nokia"
  11. I feel like I see a "type" here, idk but here it is
  12. It probably says a lot about me that I forgot about Evangelion technically being a "psychological" anime I only ever saw the original run of the show and "End of Evangelion", but when it comes to the other movies and the actual ending I've never gotten around to it Great show of course, but the original "ending" really frustrated me so I'm uncertain about giving it a 2nd chance
  13. I liked Halo from 2 through Reach, but after that nothing of the little bits I played felt quite as good. Honestly it's a series that I only ever play for local multiplayer with friends, so as long as I've got one of the Halo games I already like I really dont need any more. And I'm still waiting to mature to the point where I can latch onto a creator like that and give their other work a chance. Like it would make sense that if I like one of their "mind-babies" then I'll probably like the others. I just get hooked by concepts and visual style and when neither of those can hook me before I've actually watched an epsiode... I have a hard time giving the show a chance I consume anime really slowly and really take care to only wwtch something if I have a REAAAALLY good feeling I'm gonna like it, I don't take many chances when it comes to diving into new stuff. I also haven't seen much (if any?) psychological anime. As someone that's developed a taste for it already, where would you say is a good place to start?
  14. Well I'm glad we both have siblings that kept finding anime for us to get into, or else neither of us would even be here lol It really is interesting how you got reintroduced to anime SO many times before you found something that really "stuck" with you. Goes to show I guess that we should be more willing to withhold judgement on certain things until we've more thoroughly given them a chance, because we could really easily miss connecting with something that we would end up loving for life. The commercialism side of things is really a bummer though, you're right on about that. Is there a game series that comes to mind to you as something that really got ruined by the modern landscape of things? I'd have to say sports games stand out to me in that regard, the yearly release thing really hasnt been kind to the genre lol I get the impression practicallity of what you can find at conventions has sharply fallen, based on what you just said. Like having official soundtracks of shows you love is incredibly practical, as are whole ass books devoted to the visual designs of those shows. It all centers around a love for the show and provides some sort of benefit to you for buying it. Now don't get me wrong, you can technically get use out of a mouse pad with titties or a body pillow with a waifu on it, but they almost seem more like "gag gifts" than something someone would honestly want to use. What was the coolest thing you ever bought at a con?
  15. That's just awful man... Anime at its best is such a wholesome, spiritually enriching and thought provoking thing. Its a medium that built on emotion, the human condition, teaches life lessons that actively help the viewer on their own day to day lives. It sucks so hard to see how much of it ends up commercialised to hell and back for a quick buck. And honestly I feel like streaming didn't help the problem one bit because the rate at which anime is being churned out is so blindingly fast now that you can just feel how little soul actually makes its way into most shows. Animators should be paid more to work less, produce a lower quantity of anime and take longer on each individual project. How well do you remember the kind of merchandise you could find at conventions say... 10 years ago?
  16. That's actually a fantastic point, there's so many stories and shows that miss the mark with their characters because they tried to write them AS CHARACTERS first, and as PEOPLE second. So the result is often that you cant take anyone in the story seriously and none of whats happening feels like it really matters just because no one is acting in a believeable way. Unfortunately the more saturated the market gets, I feel like more and more anime are getting made that way. Fewer stories about people, and more stories about characters that exist to sell figures and posters You can really feel it when you go to Artist Alley at an anime convention, it's the biggest draw at nearly every convention and it's just looooooaded with fan-service and the whatnot. Anything that can have a characters face slapped on it, and bonus points if they've got massive titties
  17. And just imagine if you didn't manage to catch that show when it was still being broadcast on that channel, and you weren't introduced to anime for another 2, 3, 4 years. There's a chance by then you could have already been given a bad impression either from heresay or from talking to friends and you wouldnt have been able to view it in such a curious unbiased way. But because all the stars aligned you're here with us today. That's just the fucking coolest Is it cool if I ask what hooked you? By all means you dont have to dive into it but I AM curious lol
  18. And even putting the show structure aside, there's a lot to say about the power of a show that can draw people in with nothing more than pure fuckin' style. Outlaw Star is a perfect example, I have almost zero clue what's going on in that show, but I really dont care because the world and characters are just so easy on the eyes and really capture your imagination. So when you say the art was a good hook for you, I totally relate to that lol
  19. So you were into anime before you even knew it, it's funny how many people end up loving anime almost on accident like that lol. What about those shows really pulled you in? I think the most interesting part of your story to me at least is that for a long long time, it seems like your connection to anime was like the connection people have with a hobby that they typically use to just have a nice relaxing time. But more recently even though you recognize a sort of creative exhaustion within anime as a whole, you've found more ressonance with and a deeper personal connection to anime since you got back into it 5 years ago. So you were kind of on both sides where for a while it was just a nice hobby, but these days it sounds as though you feel anime is more a part of your identity than ever before. Is that right, or kind of a stretch on my part?
  20. Lately I've felt that none of the popular discussion on here really grabs my attention just because a lot of it is... mundane I guess? So I figured it'd be a good idea to make this new topic because I feel like it's something that EVERYONE here has some deep connection to, and it'll really help us understand each other better! (I think) I got into anime when I was about 7 years old (2004) when my sister stumbled across Toonami for the first time. She showed me a few epsiodes of Inuyasha and all I could really tell about it was that as far as cartoons went, this one was WAY MORE DETAILED and intense than anything else I'd seen! I didnt immediately fall in love though, it wasn't until I stumbled upon "Naruto" the very next year that I found any sort of "love" for anime. My life wasn't very rough, but at the time I was starting to get bullied a bit at school, so seeing Naruto being treated like an outcast for something he couldnt control felt... familiar to me. Seeing someone I could relate to like that was already eye-opening enough ESPECIALLY with how emotional the show can be in softer moments, but watching Naruto stare his problems in the face without backing down and becoming someone people admired and looked up to after being a silly goofball his whole life really gave me confidence that I could do the same things with my own life! And I guess that's both how I got into anime AND why I love it. I got into it through pure chance really, but what keeps me around is the emotion, the inspiration, the messages to not back down and to make the most of your life. That's what I love about anime
  21. Oh that's great to hear! Cool, cool... How THE F did Hilda only last 4 episodes?! The coolest character on that ship AND voiced by the woman that plays "Major" in Ghost in the Shell, and she just EXPLODES IN SPACE? Not fair man...
  22. Me and my sister just started "Outlaw Star" on a whim last night and HOLY SHIT! Talk about a show with a sense of style! I can't believe I'd passed it up for so long, really feels like I'm gonna be watching all the way through this thing I'm only 3 episodes in, what do ya'll think? Am I in for a good time?
  23. It sounds like a test of your strength that you passed with flying colors. Not a test I'd ever purposely give to someone but hey... results I guess? It really hurts when people start questioning who you are at your core when a relationship is at the heart of it, it feels like so much is on the line and the stress can feel towering. I'm glad you're on the other side of your struggle, it's good to remember how things like this don't last forever and they're just a time in your life.
  24. Yep, that right there is something I've struggled with for most of my life now. Friends or relationships, I've had issues with both where I'm often made to feel the desparate one that always has to reach out. Frankly I'm tired of that dynamic. Luckily I have friendships that dont always go that way, but when I meet new people and almost immediately get made to feel like I care way more than they do... really fucks with my head. I'd like to feel a bit more appreciated, that's all. I'm glad you can relate... except the fact you can relate means you had to deal with a lot of hurt yourself so maybe it's not such good news
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