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  1. am a fan of aot too. lol about that Avatar part and btw welcome to af hope you enjoy your stay
  2. in a Japanese shrine, joke just in a living room on dvd or Netflix.
  3. gamecube. super Mario sunshine. one of my most fav Mario games. and Nintendo system.
  4. looking for a new anime like detective Conan to watch, a good detective anime with mystery. and a deep story. and it would be cool if it haves a dub it doesn't have too though just be cool if it did? more easy to watch. and haves a detective like Sherlock or L is there anything like that.
  5. am not sure. I played a lot of games. maybe Friday the 13th on nes or super Mario bros? I was too young to Remember.
  6. heres my top 4 judai x asuka ran x shinichi yusuke x keiko gohan x videl my non cannon couple 4 bakura x marik Otonashi x hinata or Naoi Jessie x james ash x may
  7. well hello! welcome to af! whos your fav anime/manga character?
  8. one of my fav cosplays whould have to be my bakura yugioh cosplay I used for a anime con
  9. i have to say gundam 80 and madoka magica
  10. I have a lot of of favorite animes too many to list lucky star dragon ball z/gt death note case close to name a few one of my first animes was lupin the 3th and big o
  11. hello all I am new here but not too anime I have been a fan of anime since I was 5 I like anime and manga and like to cosplay and hope to make my own manga one day and as a new member hope to make friends too
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