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  1. I am alive dunt worry :3

  2. Boom! *you read this and now have a hole in your chest*

    1. Belgrade_assassin


      Brutal! o.o No warning whatsoever...

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    1. Viper


      Happy new year Angel

    2. Belgrade_assassin


      Happy New Year @[1664:Miyuki Tora]! :D

    3. Kohloo


      Happy new year

  4. In your opinion which is better the AOT manga or the anime???

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    2. Baku


      Sadly I don't read my manga digitally I get the paper copies. Sowwy :)

    3. Miyuki Tora

      Miyuki Tora

      damn i saw the new manga and apparently its at comic con i wanna go to the next one but my parents wont take me sadly I could have dressed as Yuno Gasai

    4. Baku


      Aww man! Where is a wealthy uncle when you need him. (shake my head)

  5. i need to watch Inuyasha again I thought Inuyash was a cat at first lol my first anime was Madoka Magica
  6. Attack on Titan is now finished.....BEST ANIME EVERRR

  7. @Belgrade_assassin Too bad @Viper why did you have a bucket of water hits Daero with a wardrobe IM SORRY
  8. i think I'm gonna stay here from now on because our kissanime forum is gone for good so if it's ok with you guys..we could stay here? ^~^

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    2. Optic


      @[1664:Miyuki Tora], we welcome anyone as long as you're an anime / Japanese culture fan ;)

    3. Miyuki Tora

      Miyuki Tora

      I love anime so much I am receiving an anime item from my friend on holiday in London soon

    4. Frost


      Please, stay :3

  9. If he had a crush on me i would totally die with happiness and say yes
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