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  1. Um if you like reading manga I’d recommend 9 dragons ball parade
  2. Hey everyone hope you’re gaveling a good weekend and watching anime 


  3. say i cant wait if you what to watch season 5 right now!
  4. im 14 i started wach ing anmie when i was 5 6or7
  5. i played random fps games on roblox
  6. wi88y

    Dragon Ball Super

    this was the first anime show i ever watched i dont like it as much anymore
  7. ive been ok in 2020 ive been waching alot of anime
  8. this topic is about my fav anime bnha
  9. wi88y

    Boku no Hero Academia (2018)

    i love this anime
  10. wi88y

    Boku no Hero Academia (2019)

    i love this anime It’s basically about kids going to a hero school. I love the intros, and the art style. It’s a classic, and a must-watch if you like action anime
  11. wi88y

    Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Heroes:Rising

    i like this my hero Academia move because it i very much like the show
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