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  1. BanG Dream! (Bandori) I've been really getting into it recently. It's a cute and stress free rhythm game that also has a gatcha element which as pretty decent rates. As a collector I find pleasure in a accumulating band members and forming neat bands for events and so on. The original and cover songs are surprisingly amazing too. It's on mobile too so it's super accessible and can be played anywhere and on the go. Highly recommend checking it out if you guys haven't! Minecraft, I love that game! I would be playing right now but I'm waiting for the server I play on to updat
  2. Kaori from Your Lie In April. As much as I love her character, I feel as though her death really added to the impact and significance of her limited time spent playing music and with Arima. She's the bright light in a series filled with themes of childhood trauma and anxiety. And just like a firefly (which she compared herself to) she lit up the darkness and faded into the night. Her death was truly heartwrenching, poetic, and beautiful.
  3. It’s heartwarming, heart-wrenching, honest, realistic, innocent… yet melancholic at the same time. That said, I do not think words alone are enough to do justice to White Album 2. At its heart, White Album 2 is about 3 close friends spending their last days in school together, and tackles themes of friendship, love, and separation through its masterful incorporation of music. Personally, I feel that music amines are the ones that work the best in invoking emotions into the viewer. But even with that said, White Album 2 couldn’t have touched me as much if it purely relied on its music.
  4. Bright character colours, contrasting the rather monotone and dull backgrounds of Kiznaiver prominently set up our cast to take center stage. The spotlight is on them - and them alone. But as emotions well up, and pain blurs the lines of their relationships; they find themselves whirling into a never ending vortex of bonds, love, scars and pain… Now doesn’t that sound angsty? The excellent use of colour, and how it perfectly invokes characters emotions through visuals was something I was planning to write about when I re-watched Kiznaiver today. And I wasn’t wrong, as I do give
  5. Yup. Sakura Trick has quite a bit of fanservice, but it was something that I too already expected before starting the series. Surprisingly enough, it also contained a decent amount of character development admits all of it and also had something meaningful to say about bisexual love, which caught me off-guard. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Kiznaiver! After all, I love talking about anime. Especially the ones I'm very fond of
  6. Yup. They had millions of posters promoting the release in Akihabara. Which would have been hype, if I wasn't leaving Japan on the 26th...
  7. Sakurai Trick is average to good depending on how much you like your yuri. Personally, I quite liked it for the innocent yet compelling relationship between the main leads. The Monogatari Series is always solid. It has a wonderfully composed OST(original sound track) and well thought-out characters. However, the presentation of the story may or may not be your type; so you'll have to give it a shot yourself to find out. Kiznaiver is just beautiful to look at. It can/ is supposed to get very melodramatic at times but some people don't like it for that reason. I loved the series and
  8. The 2017 Summer Anime Season started off strongly, with quite a number of shows that have gained my interest instantly; and quite a number that seem interesting enough to keep watching. So with the number of new releases dying down, I think that this would be the optimal time to get my first impressions of it out. As usual, my goal with these kinds of posts are to introduce to you some of the shows that I will be watching this season – for those of you who don’t have time to check all of the premiers out. Moreover, I will be explaining what’s to be expected out of these shows and why I li
  9. It will take too long if I am going to explain why I love each and every series so much, so I won't do that But here is the list of shows that got me into anime. I hope you love them as much as I did! Romance: - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (watch this before anything else) - Toradora - Sakurasuo no Pet na Kanojo Action/ Adventure: - Nantasu no Taizai - Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch Food Anime : - Shokugeki no Souma
  10. Nutty


    My romance with writing has been a long, yet recently reinvigorate one. During my time in primary school, I had started keeping a diary. Inconsistently updated, but a diary nonetheless. I wrote songs too. They were often alternative lyrics to songs I heard on the radio. These were my little side projects. In school, I consistently scored amongst the top for English in my class. I always came either first or second, but I absolutely wanted to be number one. And that is probably what fueled my attitude towards self-improvement in my English. So there's that. I used to like writing,
  11. Haha! Don't worry, I felt that all the way through writing mine Anyway, thanks guys for hosting this competition. I really appreciate it! If possible, I would love to participate in more AF competitions in the future I read through all the entries too. Good job everyone! Your pieces were great!
  12. I have actually spent a decent amount of time throughout the last few months coming up with a potential anime I would make. After viewing a lot of anime, I think it would only be natural to have thoughts of the sort. Originally, I had only thought about writing the story/script for the anime, and left myself to thinking about actually producing it later on. This thread really prompted me to think about my envisioned story as an actual anime more. So thanks Cy~, you really know how to pick the right questions to ask! This is the first time I am writing my ideas down, so it would be easier
  13. These are three of my favorite from the genre: Another (Series) Personally, I would consider this the least scary out of the three, but it still holds up pretty well. It has quite a large cast of characters, so seeing interact and play off one another was quite interesting. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Series) There are two 24-ish episode long seasons - so there's plenty to watch there. This is one of my favorite horror anime's because of the lingering dread and mystery the show emphasizes on throughout. You also get to see the cast of characters thoroughly explored through seei
  14. Just finished watching Wolf Children. Left me with a myriad of positive emotions. Such a beautiful anime.. I'll be smiling in bed tonight :)

    1. Wedgy


      Creeping your profile, just had to necro your comment here and completely agree. That anime knows just how to pull your heart strings.

  15. Spent an entire afternoon writing a letter to Senpai. Pretty satisfied with what I came up with :D

    1. zoop


      Like a boss!!

  16. Anyone know what the "Levels" mean? I noticed that I was Level 2 a while ago, but now I'm a Level 3. I don't know what prompted the change.

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    2. Nutty


      Hmmm... Maybe because you have a custom title?

    3. Viper


      Yes that's probably why

    4. Kohloo


      Yeah the custom title takes the spot where the level is usually displayed

  17. Well, the thing is, SAO has a huge fan base. One of the largest in all of anime. So naturally, there will be a lot of haters, and people that adore the show. I consider SAO overrated due to the sheer amount of cosplays it gets at conventions. Not as much as Attack on Titan gets, but still up there. Plus, it has been ranked among the most popular, and most favorited series by MyAnimeList users.
  18. Hmmm... I think I should actually work on making my profile page half-decent lmao. I have been neglecting it for way too long :P

    1. zoop


      You've got a nice background, at least. Info page could always use a little sprucing up, though. :) I don't really bother with profile covers, myself. The editor is an infernal contraption that does what it wants, and the covers themselves look different depending on the theme you use.

    2. zoop


      It's basically a giant abomination of inconvenience that refuses to cooperate. :'(

    3. Nutty


      Yeah, I will work on that :D As for profile covers - I'll just never, ever, ever, ever touch them :P Since I'm quite bad with tech myself.

  19. Overrated? Look, I understand why it is so popular, and why people like it so much. But it is by no means, the "objectively" best anime that a lot of people hail it to be.
  20. Man... Honestly, this is just beautiful. I may be biased - since Your Lie In April is probably my favorite anime I've watched up till this point; but trust me when I say that your AMV gave me the chills and reignited a lot of my memories of the series. This is due to the (imo) perfect scenes used from the anime and the extremely fitting track (for a multitude of reasons) that you chose. I have basically associated King with Your Lie In April thanks to your AMV, which means I will most probably be listening to it on repeat for the next few days Incredible video. Would love to see mor
  21. Agreed. I reside around that part of Asia too, so the culture from where I'm at is pretty similar. Personally, I am very open about my love for anime, even going as far as to try and convince people in which never even gave anime a chance to check it out. As of late, I have even started to watch anime with my mom and dad (after much persuasion) and I think they are growing fond of it. With my friends and people I meet face-to-face, I would usually share my love of anime with them rather than hide it. And of course, I would not feel comfortable watching anime in front of total strangers si
  22. Judging purely by the characters I know in the list, I'd say its really accurate. Especially Yuuko from the ef series. She didn't deserve what came her way at all
  23. Yup. Procrastination is my literal middle name, so I will have to settle on something and get it to you guys soon
  24. I looked through your list and noticed that you haven't watched one of my favorite romance anime's - ef: a Tale of Memories and ef: a Tale of Melodies. The 2 season long anime series is largely about romance and centers around a few male protagonists. The visual and aural presentation is stellar and I would strongly recommend it
  25. Space Patrol Luluco. Although it is not even close to being believable (I don't think the show was made for that anyway), it is most definitely massive in scope and epic in the way it presents the show
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