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  1. The new movie Free guy was out, Thats probably the funniest movie ive ever watched in a long time
  2. Zyte

    Halloween 🎃

    Damn its october? Im still thinking how fast this year is been going! Isnt halloween in november?
  3. hello! im suprised how much threads there is about on anime on here, its pretty unique to find everything in one!
  4. My Anime is my favorite : Sword art online is such a great anime to watch in a free time. the plot overall has twists and its amazing! what do you guys think?
  5. for now, im trying to level up my way through in genshin impact!
  6. My names Zyte, and Im an anime lover (coming from myanimeroll.com) , Favorite animes out there are, Akame Ga Kill, Fate stay night, Sword art online & Darlin in the franxx. I could go on and on about anime of what i like and all but the list is never ending, but its nice to meet you all here! I wanted to know if there was a discord for this forum?
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