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  1. Tbh Shikamaru from naruto always arsing around and cant be bothered to do anything except find a nice spot to lay down at. Im just not smart ;D
  2. I would ask "will you pay for dinner if I honour you with my time and allow you to ask me on a date"
  3. 4you


    Hello there person out of curiosity have you seen Golden Time ? Kaichou wa maid sama?
  4. Man, the nostalgia is real 9/10 Listening to this ATM love chillies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0oIoR9mLwc
  5. 5/10 just too the voice that girl has is just not my cup of tea :3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzExFrZ9vX4
  6. Well, anime is great since I'm in college there is anime society made a lot of nerdy friends so yeah it helps me
  7. 4you


    I'm fine with smoking but only in proper smoking area but not inside in closed spaces I do not smoke anymore instead I switched to vaping smells good but I'm still not In people's faces about it. But yeah cigarettes here in Ireland are minimum of 15 euro a pack so it's not cheap here.
  8. For me Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui from Kaichou wa maid sama , I don't know why but they are the couple that will always stay in my heart as the best in anime for long time.
  9. I'm actually feeling really good, for once in my life stuff is going well, I am stressed because of exams coming up buuuut oh well
  10. you people can afford to pay fdor crunchy roll i use 9anime since kisanime fked us over with those stupid picture clicking.
  11. On my belly I could never fall asleep on my back
  12. I do notice but if it starts going somewhere I usually pretend I have absolutely no idea just to save everyone the trouble. I am one woman type of guy too but sometimes I do think about other poeple and how would it be if I were to be alone, but never act on it because Idk just love @_ I'd make you get me dinner too ... Well I'd try to become friends anyway
  13. I would probably say aww laugh make you get me food in the restauraunt and then tell you that I am not interested in boys but I'd love to hang out with you more ;3
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