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Dueling Club - D10 Dice Roller

Gemma Farley

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Greetings, all you wishing to practice the noble and great art of dueling.

I am here on behalf of Professor Snape, who didn't have the free time to give to this club, as he is busy preparing all of our Potions assignments... Bless him. As such, I have volunteered to be your host for the remainder of the Dueling Cubs events this year. Once we've gotten enough practice in, myself and the other Prefects will hold a tournament in working for the House Cup.

Wands at the Ready! I want each one of you to line up and cast one spell directed at the student below. The objective is to counter the spell that is cast at you.

Each time a spell is cast, the random cast charm must be employed to decide the success of the spell on the member they are dueling. Simply record your results by saying the number you were given between 1&10, one being little to no chance of success,and 10 being a direct hit, along with the spell that you have cast.

The player receiving the spell will also allow the random cast charm to decide if the spell was a hit or a miss, by recording their result from the random cast charm. 

🌟 Begin! 🌟

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*As the first in line, and eager from past failings within the previous dueling trial, Cruck redoes his wand*

"...alrighty then, hope you're ready for this..."


(I managed to roll a 7)

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16 hours ago, Seshi said:

Expelliarmus! Seshi whips her wand quickly, only to be done in by a confundus charm.

Confused, Seshi looks around, asking "Have we started yet"?

Rolled a 3 🤦🏼‍♀️


*With a smug grin plastered on his face, Cruck takes a bow*

"Actually, Seshi, it looks like the duel just ended..."

*Cruck steps off, making way for the next contender* 

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