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What’s up guys

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This is my first forum I’ve made an account on, even though I’ve been on the internet for years and years idk why I haven’t been on a forum, but this one looked really good. I hope that I can have some good conversationions, make new friends, and find some good anime to watch!

Also I don’t even know what my pfp was but none of my images worked because it had to be 0.05 mb or whatever so I looked up “anime 0.05 mb” so yeah lol

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Hello, nice to make your acquaintance~ welcome to the community of Anime Forums. Our members will tell you, it’s quite a friendly place, so I hope you can enjoy your time here.

Do let me know if you need a hand with anything, being your first forum and all, I’d be glad to help. 

Anywho, here’s your warm welcome from me 😁



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