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Hanna Fechik

Military is my favorite genre?

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It’s a little odd that this is my first post on here, but I had to get this out.

So since I was 16 I seem to have developed some taste for anime/manga that some military/warfare undertone. To me, that does not exclude anime shows like Keroro Gunso and Hetalia: Axis Powers, because obviously most the characters are in the army. I also realize they’re nationalistic in nature. I think Sgt Frog did have a lot of references to Japan’s military abuses throughout history.  I have recently gotten into Yojou Senkai(The Saga of Tanya The Evil). I love the psychotic personality of the main character.

I don’t know however, if I would get into stuff like Hellsing, Attack On Titan, Code Geass etc. I tried getting into Fairy Gone, but all those negative reviews have discouraged me, but I think I may need to revisit it.

I also seem to have gotten interested in Dies Irae. That one is pure creepiness, but I think the villains are awesomely insane.



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I don't know for sure if I'd entirely count Hetalia as "military" anime.  I think, honestly, it was more of Japan's early version of something akin to Drunk History. (Drunk History was just more accurate.)

The series that seems to conform best to military characteristic still remains (to me) Fullmetal Alchemist.  Tanya the Evil was great and all, and I appreciated the (horrendously depicted) weapons and uniforms they had, but hot-stop promotions, even in the German Army was so...odd.  You'd think you were watching a Civil War documentary.

I enjoy these for the entertainment value though, and by all means they are definitely that.  Though, I won't lie, Hetalia hurts my soul.

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Most of the Gundam series seemed to have a fairly heavy military influence to me (though I’ve yet to actually finish any of them 😂). 
I agree with @The History Kid about Fullmetal Alchemist and there’s a series along the same lines called Pumpkin Scissors, though nowhere the same quality. More recently there was The Price of Smiles.  I think you would probably like Attack on Titan, maybe Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Series like Kancolle & Azur Lane are more about fanservice than anything (reimagining military vessels as cute/sexy girls). Likewise GATE is an isekai with a supposed military slant, but is more harem than anything. Finally, there’s Fullmetal Panic.

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