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What platforms do you use, for watching anime?


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I know most people are going to say “Netflix”, or “Crunchyroll.” But is there anything else you use... or used to use? For me it’s Netflix, AnimeBam, and VRV. I discovered VRV a few days ago, and I’m considering stopping using AnimeBam completely. Anyway, what do you use?

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VRV & Funimation  continuously. Netflix or Amazon periodically (whenever they have enough series I want to watch). As far as free ad funded services I’ve used TubiTV & RetroCrush. Prefer watching on tv via Roku as opposed to phone or PC.

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I use Crunchyroll, Netflix and dvd/Bluray (yeah, I'm old fashioned like that). I used to also use Hulu (but I don't stream enough to do two major streaming platforms anymore). I also have used Funimation in the past but I'm really into more Sentai works than Funi works. Usually I'm happy to wait for a bluray release to watch things.

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