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What's the a Good Anime That's Ongoing?

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some ongoing animes im watching currently are horimiya S1, the quintessential quintuples S2, Laid-Back Camp S2 and Wonder Egg Priority S1. They are the new 2021 animes, I hope this helped ;v; 

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The current schedule of shows will be wrapping up over the next couple weeks, I think the only one I’m currently watching that will carryover to April is So I’m a Spider, so What? A number of series are taking 3 months off before continuing in July including Reincarnated as a Slime, Mushoku Tensei & Attack on Titan I think.

As far as new seasons that start in April for existing series I’ll be watching MHA (3/27), Fruits Basket,  Zombieland Saga, Moriarty the Patriot & Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun for sure. Maybe Megalobox Nomad  & SSS.Dynazenon

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JJK’s 1st season just wrapped up. Season 2 is inevitable based on how popular it was, but is probably over a year away since the next project is a prequel film.

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