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  1. JJBA has somewhat good ending which are 2,4 and 5
  2. One of the best anime fights is jaturo vs DIO
  3. tbh i would have kids and a wife i want my bloodline to contune
  4. You guys should read it and the artwork is amazing!
  5. I started with Beyblade back in 2017/2018
  6. Steam:thegibusboi Discord:newgrounds #5915
  7. Invader Zim is the best anime! (Joke)

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    2. Newgroundsmoment


      Dang you really look like Dibs adult verison! That's cool!

    3. Ohayotaku


      Well, like Dib there is a certain amount of delusion involved (realistically I look more like George Costanza 😂 


    4. Newgroundsmoment
  8. Lets see out Drawings I'll Show you Mines
  9. Like Do you have wife or Kids Maybe Just asking and bored
  10. Im Sorry what?
  11. Thanks also Is Dorohedoro Edgy? just asking and Invader Zim IS THE BEST ANIME
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