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Create Your own anime character


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Okay got two, depending on what you're looking for;

If you're looking to rig and puppet a drawn 2d Character to make the animating easier, but have more control and animation quality than say stills try Dragon Bone its open source and free to use and learn. If you are looking for free drawing software there are lots and lots for IOS and Android however I've never used them, and I imagine free means ADS. Obviously photoshops a monthly subscription or annual subscription so again not a great choice and personally something I don't do. 

However if you want a good drawing software that isn't crap or so expensive you start selling you're organs on the side, I say get something like Clip Paint Studio or Manga Studios. Those are relatively cheep, and there lifetime access. So no worrying about a cut off point so long down the line, and there easy to use a lot easier than Photoshop and more advance than say something free. I think Manga Studios is cheaper than a triple A game so either ask for it for Christmas from someone or buy one less anime this season. 

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