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Any Admirers of Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell?

Lone Lancer

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Back in the day, many of the movie posters were done by the great Boris Vallejo and/or Julie Bell. Unbeknownst to many, they also did the box art of some famous video game titles as well. They followed the "Heavy Metal" trend in graphic art. They would eventually go on to be the ones to do the box art for "Eternal Champions" and "Golden Axe II" on the Sega Megadrive.







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Man, I totally missed this thread. I love their works! Apoligies if we're not supposed to necro posts. I just grew up seeing his artwork and am sad I haven't been around to art babble!

I *think* Vallejo may have being studying Frazetta's work (omg love his works, too! The INK! His INKWORK phenomenal. I digress). But I was first introduced to Vallejo through a lot of fantasy book covers. I still think his cover of The Dragon and George (the original) is gorgeous! Also, a great book, too.

Mom used to have some really cool Vallejo book plates (uh...do I need to explain what those are? XD) This design. So pretty *O*

I think one of my favorite covers is this Jane Gaskell book (I have yet to get my butt in gear and read this series) that I picked up after stealing borrowing long term the first volume from mom.

I used to see some of Bell's work in the Science Fiction Book Club catalogs we got. She's pretty good, too :3 It think it's interesting how well they work together! Aren't they married in real life? Looking up some of her works, I kinda like how she combines a similar style with more vibrant colors *O* May need to invest more time looking at her stuff :3

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