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KonoSuba Second Season - Episode 1 Discussion

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KonoSuba, we're back for Season 2!


And what better way to start with a Star Wars style ticker that summarised moments of Season 1 and then leading up to Kazuma being wrongfully thrown in prison instead of continuing his adventure.




There were just so many ridiculously funny moments I would simply be recapping the episode if I listed them all here.


My two most favourite scenes though were:


1. Aqua trying to get Kazuma out of prison. TWICE. :P The useless wire against the combination lock and the hacksaw without the wooden box.






2. That magical lie detector that forced Kazuma to confess his true (somewhat selfish) ambitions for wanting to become an adventurer:




KonoSuba will continue to give me my spontaneous comedy fix, even if the character personality jokes are getting a little old, their expressions and ridiculous scenarios always gives a good laugh.


Also that dramatic ending scene where Kazuma's assets were seized. Poor Aqua, her booze is gone.>_<





For making me laugh so hard. Especially Aqua. And Kazuma.


What did you think of this episode?



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think I now now what ill be doing when I get home from work now

didn't realise season two already started

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I love watching Aqua bust out her supreme intelligence. IQ over 9999

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The first episode of great.

In all honesty, the first season of Konosuba wasn't as funny pass the first episode, everything else only made me chuckle at best.

I've had some genuine laugh this first episode, I really hope I'll continue laughing this much.

Really looking forward to the second episode.

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