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Anime wallpaper request


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I have anime wallpaper but it is just the head so I an wondering if there is someone who can recreate it it best they can or if there is a place I can ask someone... Ill pay for it but its a more of a last option.


(Specifically my profile pic...)

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sorry I'm unable to help

but whilst we are on your pics , your sig pic , is that her hand in front of her mouth ?

if so she has 5 fingers + a thumb :P

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Might be worth trying to commission someone to do a full body version...


On a related note - who is that character and which title is she from?

I'm pretty sure she s based of king of fighters kula but I could be wrong... I just don't know who or where someone is to hire and that could do something that looks like this....

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Ok I posted a similar thread a little while ago but its not this I am asking if someone on the forums or if you have a specific website where I can have my profile pic aka the girl to the topish left remade but in full body but not the outfit the picture is based off if you accept then ill tell you in more detail if you give me link or something ill go off that thanks for the help if you can give any...

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