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Martial Arts Films


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As the title states I wanted to make a thread all about martial arts films and if anyone watches them and into them. This includes back in the day films and new modern ones. I've always been into them growing up as a kid and my father introduced me to a lot of them, so I then got hooked on watching them as well as other Asian related stuff. ( Like Anime )


What movies are your favorites?

Any martial artist your favorite?

Some movies I enjoy are: Seven Samurai , Ichi , Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman , Unleashed , The Raid , Villainess , and The Protector 1 & 2 ( so far That I really like )


My favorite marital artists I like are: Jet Li , and Tony Jaa ( so far )




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This is gonna sound hokey, because several of them are, but I wouldn't be a martial artist myself if not in part for the Jackie Chan revival in the 90's. Rumble In The Bronx and Operation Condor were the best two. And then the Rush Hour films just keep knocking it out of the park. I'm skeptical about the idea of a 4th one, but Jackie is Jackie, I'll still go and enjoy his work.

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