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I am Kenneth Troy Manguilimotan, i know its a long name but i like it anyway Im 18 years of existence.
Still studying in Carcar Central National High School (Philippines).
Love to edit movies and images, I enjoy listening to music, read a manga and books,
always watch an anime everyday and play online games.
I think this is enough for now. I hope we can be friends

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Indeed indeed. You're of course not limited to anime chat here, of course. While we all like anime, it's also fun just to get to know everyone around here. :D So there's usually some sort of discussion going on. It's cozy like that.

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On 11/2/2017 at 11:35 PM, AnimeStreamer said:

@brycec   Well mostly there are many Anime Series i like ... i really can put them down :P 
Mostly i like Angel Beats, SAO, AOT, DxD, etc. 


@Wedgy   Really? I hope we can get along :)


And hope we can be real friends guys

dxd dude what are you talking about that isnt new anime watcher frendly 



you see their are leves of anime 

1. frendly: naruto and sao type.

2. hard a bit less pop: re zero, blue exersist, and gost in the shell type.

3. ecchi and harem : highschool dxd type

4. hentai: lover in law


man i used to make some good music but i can't find a tool that i can use to make music.

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56 minutes ago, SoullessMarshmallow said:

He wasn't recommending a new-anime-watcher a series, AnimeStreamers was just stating some of his favorite anime! (Not trying to start fight, just trying to clear up some misunderstandings ^O^)

sorry, that i misunderstood.

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