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  1. exactly water is not wet. and for english i meant the word wet relation to water but now is changed to all liquids can make a object wet but are not them selves wet
  2. it is the science of english, human perception and chemistry and i respect your opinion so i wont say much.
  3. i watched future diry 2 years ago and wikl never watch it again. it os so gothic and wird that something don make scence yuno nd yuki are even more crazy. man how they survive that long and how did they survivded in the first universe as well. if you like romance watch monster musume that in my opinion is much better than future diry warning this is just my opinion.
  4. well one cant know a taste of something by looking at it. and i agree that it depends.
  5. re zero aint something that you can watch 7 epss of and estimate its goodness ya i agree that its kida boring at the start as you get into it youl love it way more than any anime go and watch till ep 15 and you will find it mejitic man.
  6. ya bro its not a good idea im not tring to be mean, this is just muy opinion i mean the baron of insects and how is that even possible in the universe, if it is explain. and i tought he was a chemist not mercernary and y the two occupation. thats all!
  7. true man, wet is only when we touch it and when water touches it self is like us touching our skin but its not wet.
  8. every body has their own opinion and i respect your. my sister also likes sao more than re zero its just my opnion that i like subaru and love watching him solving problem and getting torcherd.
  9. hey guys after you answer the pole explain why you think it's wet or not. and remember we are here to have fun, not fight.
  10. the anime that left me dissapoited was is it wrong to pick up girls in a doungion it ended soo bad. i mean that godess could have been the next rem but nooooooooo
  11. i do't like doing torunament my friends make me and the first 5 tournament are a grade. so ill have to go to another one this year and im done with debate. but thanks for worring though it's good to know some one cares:)
  12. went to 3 tournaments, my mom is tired of me doing this. every tournemnt is like 9 haurs
  13. here are some i found in 30 seconds .hack sign and .hack root danmatchi kings's avatar
  14. yes it did. go and serch virturealty anime and youll find like 500 of em
  15. rem is the best wifu and love intrest bro. woe never thought i'd hear than but keep it up man i go for rem and that greed haired girl knight i forgot her name science i havent wqatched that show on years. ( still waiting for season 2)
  16. novFilms


    when ever i wright for a grade i alwsae get a F. when i write cats and dogsdie and don't talk about earth exploding and uranus spliting in half.
  17. hey man, atually i was in a class in which we just talk ( debate ) and i can't go to any tournament so teacher does not have any assignment for me so i was just chatting.
  18. jus at school doing nothing but this.

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