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Dear fandom , can you answer my curiosity?

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Sorry to take a lot of your time , and thank you in advance , even a therapist couldn't understand the situation so plz answer my questions so i can focus and stop thinking about it .

Keep in mind that no offense is meant , but my friends and I had a lot of fights and misunderstandings because of this .

B|I have been curious about this for a long while now , and I would like for this comunity to help me find a better understanding of my fujo friends....

to the point , dear fujoshis (or anyone with answers):

1) My friend told me that she always shipped her favorite characters together , but how can you love a character then " give him away" to another guy ? Like , you like someone (character) who is not interested in the opposite gender ? ( BI for example). Otherwise , is the only reason for loving a character is this and youare completely okay with staying alone as long as the 2 guys in the series develop feelings for eachother ? But at the same time you are truly in love wih one of the pair? ( doesn't it feel contradictory?)

2) Why did it even start to be this way ? For example , what trigerred you to try reading/watching? I don't want the concise answer of " because it's hot or because it's cute " I have already heard those from my friend but i am not willing to be convinced until i hear an explanation. I do admit though some characters in this genre are drawn to look hot , but wouldn't be more relieveing if he was with a girl instead ? 

3) how wrong do you think what are you doing can be ? Do you regret it ? especially in older age range ?

4)Aren't the hardcore ones too hardcore? They ddo involve graphics of sorts , and Honestly plz EXPLAIN what do you find aesthetic about such graphics.

to be honest i would let it slide if it was normal relationship story , but why specifically this ? If you want graphics there are some shoujo which have smut in them .There are 18+ otomes  why Bl/yaoi then?

5) Wouldn't you fear getting dragged into something that mught ruin your real life choices ? ( especially marriage and unhelathy obsessions with drawing explicit scenes and having fantasy about them and or on real people )?

6) Why in your opinion , romantic interaction between guys is cute but between a guy and a girl isn't ? Don't you blush and ect... if a guy you have a crush on confesses for example?

7) If you are born in a religious household , and you are religious , don't you feel like living a conflict ?

8) Did you ever ask yourself , doubted yourself about why you are different ?Do you think what you are doing is completely normal and okay as long as you don't mix it up with real world?



ENJOY YOUR DAY < Tori san and hiroki !>

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I probably dont have the answers you're looking for since I'm not a fujoshi (is that what it's called now?) 

But I'll just chime in with a blanket statement. 

Why worry so much about it? Why bother putting someone down for the things they like? I genuinely enjoy seeing others being happy, so even if I'm not of their same interests, I'm not going to speak ill of them. 

Worrying about whether or not somebody's interest in boy love is morally reprehensible is like getting mad at the people at a table next to you in a restaurant because they didn't order your favourite dish. 

Something that has zero affect on your own life shouldn't be a thing you feel your therapist needs to weigh in on.

Anyway that's how I feel about it. Sorry it's putting strife on your friendships. 

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I'm not into that personally but I have some friends who enjoy it and I don't care that they have a life that doesn't match my own. 


I may be a bit harsh here but it's called "fantasizing" and a "fantasy" because it doesn't exist. Why bother fighting about it? If this person isn't fantasizing about you, then you don't really have a place to be cutting into it.


Furthermore,  as her supposed friend, you have a responsibility in the relationship to be if not understanding,  at the very least non-judgmental. If you can't stop judging her for this, are you really friends? You don't have to understand to be a friend. Not judging is enough.

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I'm not a Fujoshi and I myself have actually had these exact same questions at times, so maybe I can help you out a bit?

1. I can understand when the reader has a crush on a character in a Yaoi manga and ships him with the person he is with canonically, because they read the manga knowing that said character would be gay/bi and if they end up having a crush on that character then fine, makes sense. BUT, the thing I don't get is when people watch a show and ship two male characters together even though neither of them is gay, nor are they in any way together canonically. That doesn't make sense to me because the shipper is usually attracted to either one or both of the male characters and yet still wants them to be gay.
My guess is that the reader/viewer is a Yaoi fan and has read (or writes there own) Yaoi mangas/fanfics and therefor is just used to shipping male characters together, whether or not it's canon or even makes any sense at all.

2. I think most people start reading or watching Yaoi based mangas/anime due to their friends telling them to check it out since it seems to be rather "trendy" these days or happening upon some fanart/fanfics while browsing the fandom or internet for the manga/anime based things.

3. Now, most Fujoshi's probably see their shipping as no big deal, but the ships can get out on control with people shipping under-aged characters with older characters, shipping incest/twincest, shipping gay ships when the two male characters are canonically straight or otherwise in no way gay ... So I think the shipping gets out of hand.

4. I agree. Seeing as I am a normal viewer, canon/almost-canon shipper and all around non-fanfictionay/fanarty person I do happen upon such gay fanart when I'm just looking to find normal photos of the characters. For instance, it's pretty hard to look up "Attack On Titan" without getting some sort of Levi x Eren ship material whether that be fanart or fanfiction links.

5. I feel like normal shippers and even low-key fanartists or fanficers are fine, but the overtly obsessed gay shippers who are always drawing their explicit fanart and writing mature fanfiction are most likely out on control and should try dialing it down a bit ... And this is coming from one of the biggest fangirls out there!

6. I feel like a lot of gay shippers do find heterosexual ships cute, but they're just more drawn towards their gay ships ... For what reason? I'm not totally sure ... But those who only go for the gay ships and tear down heterosexual ships just because it's male-female are going too far.

7. I was born in a religious household and still hold my beliefs to this day and yes ... If I were to be a Fujoshi I would harbor inward guilt about it and the like, so I think if there are religious Fujoshi's they probably either feel bad about it, or aren't really religious.

8. I think most gay shippers think they're normal since it's so trendy now. I mean, you could probably look up any anime and find gay ships about it, even live action shows suffer from the gay shippers.

Hope I was of some use to you and helped with your questions, although I myself am not one of these gay shippers and therefor am basing my answers off of others and things I've learned about it.

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