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Hi everyone,

Just a small addition, which some of you have already started to use.


There is now a MAL button on the editor. You can use it to embed an anime, manga or character block. Just copy and paste the ID number before you paste it inside the MAL URL into the overlay when you click the editor button. The information will update periodically which is good for currently airing titles in the season.

Best place to use it is in your first post if you're starting a topic on an anime, manga or character.

Anime example:

[mal type=anime id=17947]

Character example:

[mal type=character id=2010]


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Cool. That'll be very useful for recommendations for some. I'm assuming this'll work with the manga side too, right?

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just thought i'd try this out , took a few minutes to find/figure out where the id number was

but now that sorted its a much easier way to do the anime postings

oh and for others having the same problem like me selective blindness (I had to look a few times before my blindness saw it) its in the url address bar just the number in the middle

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