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an introduction to particle physics


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Greetings fellow astronauts, as I travel through space the only thing that dampens the severe depression are these chinese cartoons. Maybe all of us can communicate about said korean animations. Maybe even you will disagree with me about best girl and we can duel to the death. Hope you guys enjoy. 

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7 hours ago, Amalgam said:




Kekkai Sensen Season 1 and 2 (Skip the White arc, you'll know it when you see it)

Bakuon! (None stop fun)


The Monogatari series (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari are some of my favorites!)

HunterXHunter (The best Shounen anime, period.)

One Punch Man because One Punch Man

My Hero Academia all three seasons (The 2nd best Shounen anime, period.)

Attack On Titan (A none stop Thriller ride)

Steins;Gate (the 1st season, awesome and hilarious;a unique take on the sci-fi time travel genre)

Watch them and tell me what you think ☺️


Vietnamese/Chinese cartoons is just a joke term for anime, I didn't actually mean Vietnamese cartoons lol

Oh I thought they now made their own anime. haha

I recently watched Hunter x Hunter. Yup hands down the best shonen of all time.

One Punch Man, can't wait for season 2. It took them a long time though. Kinda lost some of its momentum.

I have to watch My Hero Academia season 3. Definitely looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons. Reminds me a lot of Harry Potter though.

Attack On Titan, I stopped watching after the 1st season and went with the manga instead. Is season 3 out already?

Steins; Gate probably my favorite show. Did you watch the new one? Is it as good or better than the 1st?

And I haven't watched the others but will definitely check them out. Thank you!!

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33 minutes ago, ArchieKun said:

Hello there, and welcome to the forums. Hope you have a great time here. If you ever need anything, or just wanna chat feel free to shoot a message my way I don't bite/ ^^

He does bite I've seen him do it!

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On 1/14/2019 at 3:35 AM, Amalgam said:

I wish they'd announce a second season already, and maybe retcon the Chimera Ant Saga. I didn't like how overpowered the antagonists got towards the end. What do you think? How do you think they'll switch things up?


I'll be honest, I didn't finish the anime. How do you feel it compares to the manga?



Yeah weren't there eggs that were gonna hatch? I was thinking it wasn't over too. 


I agree. It doesn't feel like a real victory as clearly, the King (forgot his name) and his royal guard were way too powerful for the heroes. I kinda wish Gon would have fought the King.


About the manga, I haven't read it. It does continue but some say the story gets too confusing. I do plan to check it out. 

At what point did you stop watching the anime?


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