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Book suggestions?


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I have several manga books to get through that I already own:

  • Attack on Titan (first book)
  • Bleach (books 1 - 3)
  • Blue Exorcist ( books 1 - 3)
  • Black Butler (first book)
  • Children of the Whales (first book)
  • Deathnote (vol 1 & 2 black edition)
  • Dragon Ball Super (number 2 & 4)
  • Resident Evil (whole set)
  • Seprah of the End (first book)

I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest anymore types of manga books to me please?

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I want to finish the rest of the series, but depending on your tastes (and age,) I really enjoyed Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload.
Absolutely anything by CLAMP. I love Rg Veda, but Wish was cute, Shirahime Shyo was beautiful and is a one-shot of short stories. Um...they have longer series like X/1999 & XXXholic (I want to finish! It was good!) Chobits (never read, not up my alley.)

Grrr...I need to find out of there are translations of Minekura's other Saiyuki works. I think it was published under TokyoPop...and...they went under. (didn't they?) 

Ooo! I've gotten through book 2 of Children of Whales. It's really good so far! No spoilers, though ;)

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