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    G'day, I'm Crowe. 24 (almost 25, eeee) and semi-obsessed with anime, obviously. Big fan of Fairy Tail and am excited for it to start up again in April. Also a fan of Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Watamote. As far as older shows go, Rune Soldier was pretty much my obsession throughout college. Aside from that, I'm an amateur writer, predominantly high fantasy but occasionally science fantasy and realistic fiction. Also an amateur games developer, but that's more of a hobby than anything else.
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    I have a Lumia 800. I love it. I don't really use many apps or anything though, just Xbox Live and a flashlight app I downloaded. Overall, it's a good phone, everything works as intended even though I've had it for quite a long time.
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    hahaha @@Fab yea la u more fit la... hahaha but overall fitness i believe i more fit than u when i in camp cos my officer hardcore... he pushes us to run and gym a lot lol... to be 'examples' for the men... lololol anyway now i barely passing my ippt Sent from my GT-I9100 using AN Community Forums mobile app
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    What I meant was the things you can buy as takeaway from the IKEA marketplace so you can cook it at home, that's the one I bought Unfortunately they don't sell the mashed potatoes to take home. Tonight I just had McCains frozen Supreme Pizza and hot oven chips with juice.

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