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    These all look amazing. PLEASE PLEASE keep working at it. Everyone starts somewhere and has the ability to improve our find their own style. I can tell you've been putting a lot of focus on understanding dimensions in face proportions, hair and are working at finding your style when drawing eyes. Keep at it and you'll find it will pay off in the long run ^^
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    Can't agree enough. They seem to run more like jrpgs. I feel like, if I'm in the mood for that form of storytelling, I would pick up a game like Fire Emblem. If I want to simply read a story, that's what books are for. I can understand why someone may like them, however. They do offer a different form of entertainment, which relies heavily on dialogue and art. Almost entirely, in fact. And that's probably why I don't care much for them. I like reading and visualising the details for myself. A VN leaves very little to the imagination. As an opinionated aside... The dialogue is cringey as all heck.
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    oh jeez i didnt think anybody would actually read this stuff i want to believe that, but ive been seeing a lot of people being turned away from urgent care lately. i already have a thing called Care Credit which is supposed to help cover like, copays for smaller medical emergencies, but ive also needed to get oral surgery for a while now and my care credit isn't enough to help me cover the copay for that. i guess it depends on how good your credit is as to how much itll do for you. i had enough faith in my family also, that if they found me unresponsive or something, they'd take me to the hospital regardless and wed just have to deal with the financial consequences, instead of just leaving me here like a bunch of jerks. like, they're jerks, but i hope they're not that big of jerks. thats kind of how my sister is, she works as an aid at a nursing home and i guess shes considered an "essential worker" or whatever the hell people are calling it, not that anybody really chooses to be. its kind of just youre too weak and feel so crap you cant even do anything to pass the time, so the only thing i could do was just sort of lay here every day, or log on and gripe about it to get it out. nobody really comforted me tbh, it was mostly just people yelling at me "go to the hospital!" and me going "nO!" which was kind of funny, but i wish someone wouldve just respected why i didnt want to go, and wouldve just tried to help me feel a little better. LMAOO. gotta love skyrim. youll be pleased to hear you can, in fact, divorce people in stardew valley without having to kill them. the mayors got papers for it in his house or something, i think. i honestly didnt know you couldnt divorce people in skyrim?? that's so weird. you know like, the cultists guys that show up in whiterun that attack you? once they ended up killing lydia because shes a useless sack of bricks. her body wouldnt despawn, so i ended up throwing her into the whiterun river so she'd stop blocking the road. somewhere, maybe, shes still trapped under a bridge. RIP lydia it's really not that impressive! im just a beginner at python, i think. it basically just has some input commands and when you put in certain commands it can generate games or open random webpages and stuff, or reminds me to do things. theres also a note command where i can write a reminder and it'll save it to a file on my desktop for later, so i dont forget things. which i could have just done myself, but thats not as fun as making a program do it for you ive always wanted to grow pumpkins! oh my god, and there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato plant. those tomatoes they sell in stores are a crime against humanity. i dont believe anyone if they say they dont like tomatoes if theyve never had an heirloom tomato. you cant say you hate tomatoes unless youve had a real tomato. everyone who hates tomatoes fight me. idk what it is about the smell of them too, its so comforting. i keep going into my room full of starters and just sniffing the tomato seedlings, is that weird? also did you know turnips, radishes, and onions can all apparently outlast a winter? i went out there with the cultivator today and a bunch of healthy turnips, radishes, and onions were out there to greet me, completely unperturbed by the freezing weather all throughout winter. weird. i guess thats somethin to plant in fall
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    I'm so sorry you had to go through this alone you're a very strong person! I think a lot of people in your situation would have broke down and cried and or just sat there feeling sorry for themselves and unable to accomplish what you had. It makes me really sad to read this, I would have masked up, gloved up and come to help any of my friends in need like this. I too am shocked about the fever being something they deem so necessary. We are told here its a cough and shortness of breath that are deemed more important. I hope you get better real soon. Side note, I love how you have so many dogs! You should post a picture of them one day :3 rest up
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    Depending on where you are, there's still plenty you can do. Especially to make things seem a lot less restrictive. Iowa currently has one of the tightest restrictions in the U.S. - it isn't stopping people from going out for walks, jogs, hikes, etc. Actually, I've been seeing a lot more of that lately. That was probably the greatest indication to me that things weren't quite as abnormal as I had previously thought. Interesting times, but they don't have to be as scary as government, news, and other people make you think they are. Don't even get me started on the people claiming "unprecedented" status. On a global scale perhaps, but...Western Europe and North America have done this dance before. Godspeed.
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    I took a speech class in university mainly because I too HATE public speaking. Make sure to practice your speech, it will make you more comfortable. Before you do your speech, take a moment to help get rid of tension in your body (such as squeezing your hands into tight fist and releasing them). Try not to fidget or cross your arms during your speech too its hard to do, but that's what practice is for. When you write your speech try to make sure you bring up points at least three times to hear your speech's goal. A well written speech is memorable. Social media influences people globally, there are a lot of pros and cons to it. How long does your speech have to be? Because you might need to pick a more simple statement to discuss that narrows down your topic. (Be more specific about what you want to discuss - then bring up 3 points almost are arguments or information, then conclude by re-stating those points briefly)
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    So so so good. Everyone's art here is amazing sauce. I can't even doodle stick ppl.
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    Well drawn and detailed, keep up the good work
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    We technically are philosophers - our Ph.D's are Doctorates of Philosophy.
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    I think I changed the categories now to where you just type it and it suggests genres. Over time listing all the categories on screen just took up too much space. I actually get your suggestion. It's like putting weights in which you want it to be considered more. I'll give it a shot. Hope I can do it though. haha @Seshi thanks a bunch for using the site. I really appreciate it. It's been awhile since I used the suggestion feature. I will use it a couple of times and see how to improve it.
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    There are certain animes that I can't watch - and it has something to do with how I perceive the sincerity of the series, I suppose. But I never attributed it to a character being "fake" I guess I'll look at this a little harder next time I'm watching a new series. I wonder if it's the same for me, but perhaps it puts me off more unconsciously.. I usually just attribute it to something like "this anime doesn't feel right" or, its not genuine... Does this come from the characters themselves? I guess it just might. I couldn't stand Sword Art Online, because it felt generic, and I didn't really buy into the hype, but really tried to watch it and evaluate it based on its own merits.
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    great idea! I gave it a few tries and thought it worked quite well. I think it could be even greater by tweaking it a bit though. One of the first things I noticed is that it is just a bunch of categories you can click on. I can't think of a better way, but there has to be one so you have a better overview. Maybe at least make something like 'sub categories' in the sense that all with the letter 'A' are in one group and then with 'B' and so on. Another thing that could be interesting is something like being able to apply what your major category is. Let's say you want something that has to do with witches and you want it to be action, adventure, magic. You do get a lot of witches anime (magi) as a result but there are also others that are not primarily witches. So it might be great if it would be possible to say that one of the things you pick is your main category (which will then get a bigger value in the automated selection progress, I don't know how that actually works).
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    Is it "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" like or This is an important distinction and will affect my vote
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    That is crazy.... This is my first time hearing of such a thing. If you don't mind me asking, how is day to day life? How is it different to that of a normal person. And back to visual novels, yeah I really want to like them. I think they're something special and as you said they are their own unique medium. I do find it weird how JRPG also means visual novel. In Japan I think. Where we see JRPG as games like Final Fantasy. I guess you do play a role in a visual novel. So role-play. But every game lets you play a role. Hmmm.....
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    I've been hearing about this so often in recent years and it still just blows my mind. Like... how do you just... not? It's crazy and ironically I can't imagine what that would be like.
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    Ah... Yes, visual novels are boring, but they're also the source of some of the most legendary anime we've seen. Steins;Gate uses the visual novel medium in a way to diverge timelines and let the audience pick when (or when not) to act. Fate/stay night uses the routes in a way to explore the nature of its main character. Clannad also came from a visual novel, but I haven't gotten around to reading that one yet. Argh, I'm so jealous. I can't read traditional books and light novels for this very reason: I have aphantasia. I can't visualize anything in my head, so imagery in books are usually lost on me. I prefer the visual novel medium because the text does not focus on these things. But don't get me wrong; like I said, I agree that visual novels are boring. However, I do believe that they have a place as a medium.
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    Thank you for checking it out.
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    GATE put to mind a short story by Harry Turtledove, "The Road Not Taken". Pretty sure it was in an issue of Analog on the 80's but all that era is in boxes in the garage so I'm not quite sure. Anyway, it was the same kind of scenario. The primitive but imperialistic invaders come to Earth in their wooden space ships held together with pitch and thinking themselves invincible with their kites and black-power clay bombs and flintlock muskets, and promptly get themselves blown away by tanks, fighter jets, and assault rifles. TRNT was similar in that it didn't follow through and have the Earthlings press their obvious technological advantage. Failing that, I'd have liked to see another season that started with the Gate closing and the people from Earth being cut off and having to fend for themselves in the new world.
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    You have my third spot, thanks @cowboy those wings certainly could be hard hahahaha I don't want to make it boring 0-0
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    Wondeful! Seiga Kaku will be my second character. Thanks @Myouya
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    At the moment, I had Seiga Kaku from Touhou Project in my mind. Her character is quite wicked and narcissist, as she commands a revived undead lass, over, and over, for her business. However, I admit I really like the style of her fashion, so much as her cleverness
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    Are you familiar with Dragon Age? If so I would love to see your take on Merrill!
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    You know, in hindsight, I think being alone really helped me to fortify myself. As much as I mentally needed someone, I think that having them communicate their worries would have put my stomach in knots of anxiety. Thank you for the concern, it warms my soul. It's funny, I've never considered what type of person I would be under predicaments such as this. It just all kind of happened naturally. Now that you mention it, I think a lot of people would surprise themselves when it came down to it. Aww, thanks! The thought alone is such an illustration on what a wonderful heart you have. It makes me happy to come across people that care a great deal. Although, I'd probably decline any help from anyone to keep them safe. Just until I was 100% sure of what I was sick with. Yeah, what I gathered from this experience is that this particular hospital was less organized than I thought they would have been. Not sure if it's like that everywhere in my area or what. I did not know what to expect but I definitely didn't expect them to reach so far with the whole fever thing. Thank you so very much. I'm feeling way better within these last couple of days! Stay safe and healthy on your end! Thanks for reminding me! I was planning on sharing a little about my pets when I saw a Pet topic on the forum. Always best wishes!
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    what an honor glad I could lighten the mood!
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    holy , what a week! There's so much in there, that I don't even know where to start. I am glad that you survived and did not lose your house! It sounds like you'd need a month off just to recover from everything. I hope you get to feeling much better soon though. I don't think there is much we here can do but let us know if there is anything! anime and forum stuff might help unwind, who knows. Something that struck me as quite strange was that they considered it necessary for people to have fever to get tested, even if they have a shortage. While fever is one of the more frequent signs when it comes to infections, it certainly is possible that you would not have fever but still have covid, especially if you show many of the other signs and symptoms (and on top of it have a malfunctioning thyroid which judging from my limited knowledge can influence both the hypothalamus and in turn body temperature). Really not a great time to get seriously sick, so I hope you fully recover soon! What a week, seriously!
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    Its so good and realistic , i cant draw realistic things , i can only draw animation and anime thats why i wanna be an animator
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    Yeah, I think its a good opportunity to enjoy going outside, walking, hiking, solo activities. Learn a new hobby. Try not to let yourself get to down having to do less. It just forces you to look outside the box
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    We got served the biggest crackdown of restrictions I think that's been seen yet earlier today when they shut down all public spaces excluding outdoor recreation and sales vendors today. Then amidst all of this, there are numerous companies posting suspensions on payment programs, interest charges, etc. On top of that, it sounds like federal stipends are in the works too. There were a large number of closures issued on post today, but I don't imagine the restrictions on our day-to-day will get much beyond what we have currently. I look for them to put 75% of the workforce on remote-duty and the rest of us report on rotation. The U.S. has done this before - not in the memory of anyone who is alive today, but this has happened before - at a much more critical time, with much more restrictions, and a much deadlier pathogen (at the time, it was - not anymore). I think we should be optimistic that we aren't dealing with quite as many variables this time as the last time something like this happened. I've said this to a bunch of people - every situation can have a silver lining if you look for it. Every situation can have opportunity. Sometimes it's hard to see that, and other times it's not prudent to see them right away. I think a lot of people who haven't been faced with that situation or scenario before are about to learn how to do it. I've looked at it this way though: as long as the church bells ring, the radio stations are on, and people are outside enjoying life - then I can do the same in my own way - somehow.
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    Yes. We are a minority group within a minority group as far as careers go. Our office is actually one of the larger "Historical Sections" across DoD that isn't aligned with a training branch. Research material is fun and all - sometimes. Other times you realize you have a great big goose egg if you don't have the Rosetta Stone for it. In my particular lane, most of these materials are technical reports that include things like ballistics data, mathematical equations, firing tables and analysis, and technical data. That stuff can burn your hands - so to speak - too if you're not careful. As for the break, it's not really a break. We have telework policies in place. The problem is that productivity crashes when you don't have access to your archives or other data systems. That and I don't well in "breaks" - idling isn't my friend. Most books that I do read double either or. To give you an example of this, when they shipped me out to D.C. to do orientation with CMH, they also let me have my own personal pick of stuff in their publication room. Whatever we could fit in our hands and lug back with us to the hotel room (and fly home) we got to keep for ourselves. My haul - I was rather proud of.
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    I was pretty decent at giving speeches. The trick was not to care what the audience thinks I also never rehearsed speeches for some reason. A lot of people say it helps them a lot though I agree with @Nyxnine on the basic structure of a speech as described, and if it is structured well it is much easier to follow for the audience. If you wanted to make a speech on a problem, you might take the problem of 'how to give speeches' As for social media, I think there are plenty of things you can find if you google 'pros and cons of social media'
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    I love books too , but right now ,im mostly interested in manga , but this is a list of my favorite books ( yea I dont have a lot The lost hero longing for home book thief out of my mind
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    It is a very pretty sight!
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    I think we did this when I was in grade school, but I know I don't remember it - and I certainly don't have it anywhere. I was a sad kid - so it probably would have been really weird. That being said, these are great ideas - and I think that it should be a more widespread thing. Maybe I should write something to my future self for when I retire..."would you just go to the damn Hawaiian Islands already?"
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    Thank you very much
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    Also known as Tranzor Z, one of the early ones that lead in the mecha genre in the 70s. For some reason MZ is forever linked in my mind with Gatchaman. I think they were back-to-back on TV back in the days when I was young and impressionable.
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    In my time the most popular anime's would be Naruto and One pieace this was around the 2000s but the first anime I watched well it was more of a anime movie it was Totoro. My first anime series I watched was Naruto when I was 5, i've watched it from the year it was released to the year it ended it was one of my favourite anime's back then it still is to this day.
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    I've been wanting to watch this show for so long. What a great way to be reminded to finally do so!
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    Tea slimes are quite a specific one, but are actually fairly common among many space-bound traveling murchents and scouting parties, as well as gourmet coffee shops and even as expensive pets. Instead of having to package and use tea, "tea slimes" are born when their seedling is taken and grown inside of a vat of tea (always cold, since too high of a temperature would boil them. However, the type of tea will always vary based on what the company/farmer of the tea slime wants) After a few months, the seedling will either take the form of; a bacterial slime, which will produce a very fine tea when sustained with water (while also lasting a very long time before the slimes gain inpuraties, at which point they are taken and made into seedlings to be used to repeat the process) Or a animalistic slime. While for a lot of people and companies this is unintentional, but some do intentionally grow tea slimes to be like common pets, like dogs or cats. While they Re typically just blobs with little ears and big eyes, they are expensive pets, as they take years to grow, and if treated nicely, will produce tea over time for their owners on command. A little gross to think about deeply, but it's considered a "delicacy". Still, while it's rare for a humanoid variant of tea slime to occurs, it has happened on rare occasions. As per the norm, in larger societies, the humanoid tea slime has to either be adopted by the owner, or given to the correct government services to be raised and looked after, since they usually have humanoid rights and whatnot. Still, the brass tax, tea slimes are unique because; *They are, by all intensive purposes, domesticated slimes *They can come in animal, bacterial and humanoid variants. Although humanoid variants are usually on accident, and as such are a very big grey zone within the tea-slime farming industry. Most will usually be taken away and looked after by the correct authorities u till they are old enough to make their own way in society *They all produce tea when given water. Usually piping hot, and varies depending on the type of tea. Usually used on traveling traditional murchents or military ships, since they can make tea slimes with herbal remedy teas to utalise them as effective herbal releife ...Still, hope that at least answers that. Not overly detailed, but that's the general idea of them.
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    A somber blog entry. It's sorrowful to see what you are going through. It helps some people to know that most people unfortunately will have some kind of experience similar to something like this. So maybe that is some kind of consolation. I am a bit surprised by your mother's reaction. But I guess there is some backstory to this, otherwise it seems like a really unusual way of reacting to such news. As for what the point of all is. That is a really difficult question. I can't really tell you. If you think about it hard, many things do seem to be pointless in the end. I have heard from people who got kids recently, that things they thought were important before, now seem utterly pointless. I guess everyone will have to find an answer for themselves, but it can help to exchange with others what they think. So, if it helps you can contact me on Discord or here
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    illusion of terror thanks for commenting
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    That's where I stopped too. I'm think A). That it was only a cover up. The student was killed as part of a bigger mystery. That's about all I got. haha I asked helped from @Keiko I'm so grateful she was willing to help.
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    Try being a philosopher Just the other day a woman on the train was wondering why you would need to study philosophy, since it's something everyone knows how to do. Actually never heard many stereotypes about historians, except that they are old
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    Those kitty things are sooooo cute.
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    Reality is a fickle thing. I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew). I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on. We're more comfortable using them. I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations. The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so. All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see about doing that
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    I tend to have the strongest reactions - both positive and negative - to kuudere characters. Irie Naoki from Mischievous Kiss I wanted to strangle for instance, but I did/do like characters like Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Goblin Slayer, or Shiroe (Log Horizon). Sometimes they can be boring though (Tatsuya Shiba, The Irregular at Magic High) if they're not well-written/acted.
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    Yea, so I do love those cute little deredere characters, I just want to collect them all But honestly in my personal life, it was the Kuuderes that I'd go for.
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    @Seshi The idea is (I think) that you either choose categories and it finds titles with those categories. Or you type in a number of titles and it finds titles that are similar to the ones you typed in.
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    You know I rarely see any anime characters who accurately reflect my own personality, so while I'm not criticising your assertion at all, I'm just finding it hard to relate to any examples you presented. My observation is that it's extremely common in anime for characters to be written into an archetype- and as far into that extreme as possible. It's easy to fit them into categorisations. Real people, on the other hand, have so many sides to them that you couldn't possibly stamp a label on them and even dream of that being accurate. Anime characters are often so much more expressive and wear their hearts on their sleeve- their personality traits are practically an open book. This is of course a product of narrative, but it's also precisely why I've never been able to look at just one character and think, "Oh yeah, that's 100% my clone." Now if you're taking an approach to it like "Inside Out" and consider your flaws and qualities reflected in a collection of different characters, then I can agree with that!

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