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    We technically are philosophers - our Ph.D's are Doctorates of Philosophy.
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    I think I changed the categories now to where you just type it and it suggests genres. Over time listing all the categories on screen just took up too much space. I actually get your suggestion. It's like putting weights in which you want it to be considered more. I'll give it a shot. Hope I can do it though. haha @Seshi thanks a bunch for using the site. I really appreciate it. It's been awhile since I used the suggestion feature. I will use it a couple of times and see how to improve it.
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    There are certain animes that I can't watch - and it has something to do with how I perceive the sincerity of the series, I suppose. But I never attributed it to a character being "fake" I guess I'll look at this a little harder next time I'm watching a new series. I wonder if it's the same for me, but perhaps it puts me off more unconsciously.. I usually just attribute it to something like "this anime doesn't feel right" or, its not genuine... Does this come from the characters themselves? I guess it just might. I couldn't stand Sword Art Online, because it felt generic, and I didn't really buy into the hype, but really tried to watch it and evaluate it based on its own merits.
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    great idea! I gave it a few tries and thought it worked quite well. I think it could be even greater by tweaking it a bit though. One of the first things I noticed is that it is just a bunch of categories you can click on. I can't think of a better way, but there has to be one so you have a better overview. Maybe at least make something like 'sub categories' in the sense that all with the letter 'A' are in one group and then with 'B' and so on. Another thing that could be interesting is something like being able to apply what your major category is. Let's say you want something that has to do with witches and you want it to be action, adventure, magic. You do get a lot of witches anime (magi) as a result but there are also others that are not primarily witches. So it might be great if it would be possible to say that one of the things you pick is your main category (which will then get a bigger value in the automated selection progress, I don't know how that actually works).
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    Is it "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" like or This is an important distinction and will affect my vote
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    I think this is a neat idea. A lot of people are gateway'd into anime through shows like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, so finding anime similar to what they enjoyed can slowly lead them into more anime. I'd imagine someone picking up Black Clover after My Hero Academia or Fairy Tail wouldn't be disappointed at all. (aside from Asta's screaming, of course) One thing that might need to be considered is that some themes are just not connectable. For instance, mecha is a very broad genre, and recommending Neon Genesis Evangelion or Code Geass after watching Darling in the Franxx just doesn't make sense to me. Also, anime like Clannad and School Days have a scary amount of similar tags. This could be remedied with a user vote option that shows how accurate a recommendation would be. (Something like "56% of users agree with this suggestion.") Another approach could be indicating why a show is being suggested. For instance, I would not say Katanagatari and the Monogatari Series are similar in aesthetics, themes, or even pacing. However, I could still recommend Katanagatari after someone has enjoyed the Monogatari Series because the source material for both of them are written by Nisio Isin. So, next to the suggestion would be something such as, "Written by the same author." Overall, I still think anime suggestions are a good idea, but automated systems without transparency can be an issue.
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    This pretty much sums it all up. Good job @Wedgy But yeah it seems Reddit was just built differently. With it's upvote downvote system that reminds me of Stack Overflow and would seem to be more suited to Question and Answer websites. And forums seem so ancient now. But they're still the best place to make friends online. Even on social media like Facebook. It's hard to meet new people because you wouldn't add a stranger. You would just add people you already know in real life. It is interesting though how everyone here on Anime Forums is a nice person. At least from what I've seen so far. I remember joining MAL and right away I experienced some racism. Although to be fair the mods there took action when I reported it. The main difference I noticed comparing Anime Forums to MAL is that here, people actually engage in conversation. They talk and then listen. On MAL, everyone just talked. No one listened. On a typical thread, people would just post their replies. No one read the replies of others so no conversation ever takes place.
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    I also like this community and feel that many other forums are missing exactly that, a community. Great job breaking down these points, I really like that you take the time to share your perception with others in such detail. I do hope to see you around the weekly anime discussion threads we have quite a good time there.
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    Well said. I’m definitely going to have to give OPM another look. I appreciate the time you took to write all this up. I like character interaction and depth I love that you recognized the comparison to Japanese working conditions in the anime. That’s intriguing all on its own but it seems there are even more reasons to love OPM. Thanks again for the write up. Im going to have to think a bit more about my fav characters in MHA and give you some feedback there though. I feel like there’s got to be something I see in these characters relationships that is worthy of being considered.
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    Keeping up with friends over the course of you life is hard. So you're so wise to recognize the need to always cherish them. Circumstances change and people change too so we cant always count on our friends being a part of our lives forever. As much as we wish for the familiarity and comfort of long term friendships our lives evolve like the seasons of this world. Time brings us forward into another day and nothing stays the same. Excuse the rambling. Im just really in my feelings rn.
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    Nice read! I gotta say, I love the anime more than the manga on several occasions. The anime did Natalia Garnet justice because in the manga, she's a bit of a third wheel that's been inserted into the storyline simply as a plot device. Then I couldn't stand how they used her to be an unnecessary part of a forced love-triangle just for the drama. She's considerably more developed in the anime. Levius (character) also inspired me to get up super early and give myself a head start on the daily workout.
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    Mazinger Z ladies and gentlemen! I honestly never find people who even know of this anime but it is a wild f-ing ride peeps. The only way I can describe this anime is to say at some point a lady robot fires her boobies as a weapon and it became a thing to the point there is references to it in marvel vs capcom as one of Rolls specials
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    In my time the most popular anime's would be Naruto and One pieace this was around the 2000s but the first anime I watched well it was more of a anime movie it was Totoro. My first anime series I watched was Naruto when I was 5, i've watched it from the year it was released to the year it ended it was one of my favourite anime's back then it still is to this day.
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    I've been wanting to watch this show for so long. What a great way to be reminded to finally do so!
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    This happens to be one of the few movies I own on DVD. I will have to rewatch it to say mich more than I agree that the story was unique for its genre, offering some different elements than commonly seen among the samurai genre. I enjoyed it.
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    Tea slimes are quite a specific one, but are actually fairly common among many space-bound traveling murchents and scouting parties, as well as gourmet coffee shops and even as expensive pets. Instead of having to package and use tea, "tea slimes" are born when their seedling is taken and grown inside of a vat of tea (always cold, since too high of a temperature would boil them. However, the type of tea will always vary based on what the company/farmer of the tea slime wants) After a few months, the seedling will either take the form of; a bacterial slime, which will produce a very fine tea when sustained with water (while also lasting a very long time before the slimes gain inpuraties, at which point they are taken and made into seedlings to be used to repeat the process) Or a animalistic slime. While for a lot of people and companies this is unintentional, but some do intentionally grow tea slimes to be like common pets, like dogs or cats. While they Re typically just blobs with little ears and big eyes, they are expensive pets, as they take years to grow, and if treated nicely, will produce tea over time for their owners on command. A little gross to think about deeply, but it's considered a "delicacy". Still, while it's rare for a humanoid variant of tea slime to occurs, it has happened on rare occasions. As per the norm, in larger societies, the humanoid tea slime has to either be adopted by the owner, or given to the correct government services to be raised and looked after, since they usually have humanoid rights and whatnot. Still, the brass tax, tea slimes are unique because; *They are, by all intensive purposes, domesticated slimes *They can come in animal, bacterial and humanoid variants. Although humanoid variants are usually on accident, and as such are a very big grey zone within the tea-slime farming industry. Most will usually be taken away and looked after by the correct authorities u till they are old enough to make their own way in society *They all produce tea when given water. Usually piping hot, and varies depending on the type of tea. Usually used on traveling traditional murchents or military ships, since they can make tea slimes with herbal remedy teas to utalise them as effective herbal releife ...Still, hope that at least answers that. Not overly detailed, but that's the general idea of them.
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    I dabbled a bit on response to this. Like I had told you, I first glanced across this when I was at work - so now having a better chance to sit and look, I've muddied over this a bit. I'm going to echo a bit of what Terra said in that "most people having some kind of experience similar." That is true. Sometimes it's the happiest people you know, or the successful people you perceive that struggle with things the most. We (being us as human beings) tend to put a lot of emphasis on "stuff." We have a fascination with it. Whether that's a nice car, a good job, a degree, a boy/girlfriend, experiences, things of obsession, things of possession...stuff. What I don't ever consider stuff is family - you can't choose them, right? While it's true, often times I've found that I had to source out a lot of who I was depending on to others. Friends, and sometimes even co-workers. I'm very sorry to hear that your mother reacted in that way. Whether there's a backstory or not, that's a painful reaction. My bottom line here is this: you aren't alone with any of this. You have a pretty decent group of misfits friends in those of us here though. We're also tradable! But all joking aside - you might be surprised how much you aren't alone in your strife. I know it's hard to see when you're down, but we're all kind of in this together. I got your six, battle buddy.
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    A somber blog entry. It's sorrowful to see what you are going through. It helps some people to know that most people unfortunately will have some kind of experience similar to something like this. So maybe that is some kind of consolation. I am a bit surprised by your mother's reaction. But I guess there is some backstory to this, otherwise it seems like a really unusual way of reacting to such news. As for what the point of all is. That is a really difficult question. I can't really tell you. If you think about it hard, many things do seem to be pointless in the end. I have heard from people who got kids recently, that things they thought were important before, now seem utterly pointless. I guess everyone will have to find an answer for themselves, but it can help to exchange with others what they think. So, if it helps you can contact me on Discord or here
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    illusion of terror thanks for commenting
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    That's where I stopped too. I'm think A). That it was only a cover up. The student was killed as part of a bigger mystery. That's about all I got. haha I asked helped from @Keiko I'm so grateful she was willing to help.
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    My mouth is now watering......
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    Hey, is that me over there? I gotta admit I do look delicious.
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    Those kitty things are sooooo cute.
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    Reality is a fickle thing. I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew). I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on. We're more comfortable using them. I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations. The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so. All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see about doing that
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    Oh! That explains some things with your character. I think you're doing great so far. My suggestion would be to put Sofia's thoughts into italics to demonstrate that it's not dialogue. For instance: I do feel a little guilty for not contributing as much, so let me know if you think I should do something or the story should go in a certain direction.
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    I tend to have the strongest reactions - both positive and negative - to kuudere characters. Irie Naoki from Mischievous Kiss I wanted to strangle for instance, but I did/do like characters like Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Goblin Slayer, or Shiroe (Log Horizon). Sometimes they can be boring though (Tatsuya Shiba, The Irregular at Magic High) if they're not well-written/acted.
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    Yea, so I do love those cute little deredere characters, I just want to collect them all But honestly in my personal life, it was the Kuuderes that I'd go for.
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    Seshi has a blog? How exciting! "dere" is usually associated with romance, which I guess isn't seen as manly/masculine. From these examples, my preference is definitely Kuudere. I like characters like Kizumonogatari's Araragi Koyomi and OreGairu's Hikigaya Hachiman. Naofumi wasn't bad either. Characters that are emotional, but show them in an awkward way like these three are sadly relatable, yet fun to watch for me. What about you, Seshi? Seems to me like you'd like the Deredere-types, but I could be wrong.
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    Maybe that's why I watch the same type of anime a lot. I tend to like a certain type of character. Interesting. Will investigate further
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    Characters are a driving point for most people, whether they know it or not. I would venture to gather that a lot of fans will like series that are notoriously bad just because of a character's looks or mannerisms. I'm not saying that's always the case, but it drives a lot of people. Likewise, a character sets the tone for the series. You can have a great story brought down by poor execution by the characters. You can have great characters that can't shoulder the burden of a terrible story. If I'm not caring about the characters and their growth, you don't have me.
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    @Seshi The idea is (I think) that you either choose categories and it finds titles with those categories. Or you type in a number of titles and it finds titles that are similar to the ones you typed in.
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    I tried it out as well to see how it would work for me finding some new favorite anime I’ve used your site before and like your ranking system a lot better than MAL. Love that you’re doing this. I know it’s a new feature so you’ve got a lot of trial and error to go before you get it to where you probably want it to be. Good luck going forward, I think @Illusion of Terra Was right on the money. If the search values were more precise, rather than broad, it might be better. What was the purpose of the “list 5 anime” part of the search engine? How did the site factor in those? Just curious
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    Ah, yes a man of culture I see.
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    It kinda depends, doesn't it? I mean, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" would be completely different than "EEEEEEYAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", right? "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" might even be like, "aaahhh!", but I'd certainly never want to have to "EEEEEEYAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" for real!
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    Ok - This has been on my watch list for too long untouched. I think it’s time to kick it into high gear Thanks for blogging
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    You know I rarely see any anime characters who accurately reflect my own personality, so while I'm not criticising your assertion at all, I'm just finding it hard to relate to any examples you presented. My observation is that it's extremely common in anime for characters to be written into an archetype- and as far into that extreme as possible. It's easy to fit them into categorisations. Real people, on the other hand, have so many sides to them that you couldn't possibly stamp a label on them and even dream of that being accurate. Anime characters are often so much more expressive and wear their hearts on their sleeve- their personality traits are practically an open book. This is of course a product of narrative, but it's also precisely why I've never been able to look at just one character and think, "Oh yeah, that's 100% my clone." Now if you're taking an approach to it like "Inside Out" and consider your flaws and qualities reflected in a collection of different characters, then I can agree with that!
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    I’ve read a number of comments on other forums detailing how the anime has been toned down. While it’s certainly a valid complaint considering it’s darker tone distinguishes it from other series, I personally don’t think I would continue watching if it was much darker. While I’m not against series that make me uncomfortable at times, in recent years I need to balance it out with lighter fare to keep from getting too depressed. (Tangent: I haven’t read the Attack on Titan manga, but if the anime ends the way I suspect it will, I’ll need to pull a cgdct series out of my backlog pile ) Thanks for the input on Rezero & Tanya. Honestly neither sounded that appealing to me initially, but after watching IQ I’m at least curious enough to give them a try. Of course since IQ is a parody of those series, I could very well wind up dropping them. For what it’s worth, I thought Tanya’s set up for arriving in the IQ world was the best.
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    Yeah, I think the cast being jerks to each other but still being friends at the end of the day is hilarious and sweet. It really sells you the characters in a way that gets you attached and interested, like in The Office. Definitely agree here, but it's sad to see that the anime has downplayed how dark the novels are. I don't know if I'd recommend either, to be honest. If you find Subaru annoying in Isekai Quartet, I would definitely not recommend Re:Zero. Re:Zero is almost entirely focused on Subaru and his character. As for Tanya the Evil, the Youjo Senki anime is, well... It's kinda boring, honestly. It has the best action sequences and animation out of all four of these anime, but I just can't avoid this complaint. It is boring. Even though people are dying and it's an anime about the World Wars, religion, etc., it's just so boring sometimes. I never felt bored in Re:Zero or KonoSuba, and I only felt bored in Overlord when the focus was taken away from Ainz. If you do decide to watch them, I hope you have fun with them! I'm open to all thoughts and discussion.
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    Of course this would be assuming @Ryan Dave Jimenez's site supported user accounts, otherwise it would need to either pull that data from an outside source or rely on anonymous submissions which can sometimes be problematic if bots or trolls get invovled. Otherwise I think this would be far more accurate than associating anime using keyword tags or something similar. Alternatively you could put in the legwork and do the research and manually add the recommendations (again, sourcing from another website I would think.)
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    I can't weigh in very much with YT in the context of your blog post. The one thing I have heard about is that YT has been trying to further monetise bigger channels' content to add more bricks into their own streaming service. This has put a strain on mid-range sized channels which rely on donations/Patreon support to remain afloat, as their exposure will dwindle as a result of the monetised channels getting darker shadows to stand in. I could have that a bit inaccurate, but I'm not what I'd consider at all active on that site so take that with a grain of salt. The extent of what I've learned about it comes from David Pakman after he explained what it meant for his own channel in one of his podcast/videos.
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    Reddit is an interesting beast. It’s hard to call it a community platform so much as its own brand of social media. I’d say it’s a little of both, and I think it depends largely on how populated the sub is. A lot of the points you made still apply. I participate in several small and private subs which do feel like an actual community because you do see a lot of the same names more than once. Discussions only seem to go so far, however. Due to the voting system, some threads may or may not see the light of day or get the proper discussion they deserve. Even in the comment section, the earliest comments often snowball to the top simply because it’s the first one somebody sees, and not everyone takes the time to venture to the bottom where the new comments are, or even sort by new. I’ve seen much better results in subs which the mods have enabled randomising post order and hidden scores- but these subs are few and far between, and it may even be possible a lot of them don’t even know they can do that. When a sub breaches a certain popularity threshold and starts appearing on r/all is the point at which I have personally decided it’s a lurk-only sub at best. At this point, it is subject to not only the general ‘reddit hivemind’ (as many have come to call it,) but it becomes flooded with r/all tourists and their social media behaviour. Scroll, upvote, scroll, downvote. Very little actual discussion outside of a witty comment which gets thousands of upvotes and maybe a gild. As a reddit user for a number of years, it actually makes me laugh whenever I see the common argument about how reddit somehow isn’t social media. It is. It’s basically Twitter with anonymity. It’s gotten to be a massive presence on the internet over the years, but has it ever changed? No. It’s always been a time-sucking social media. And I can only agree with you when you say it really is not a healthy platform for meaningful discussion, especially so long as the voting system can essentially bury unpopular opinions and therefore create the very same echo chamber reddit claims to hate so much. As for discord, I hear a lot of the same problems being repeated that people don’t like about it, and I think I have it worked out why that is; people who jump into discord expecting a community are going to have a bad time. I believe I’ve said this a few times here before, but discord is not a community. It isn’t made for thought-provoking or lengthy discussion. It is a chat/messenger platform, plain and simple. Can you make friends in it? Absolutely! But asking discord to serve the same function as a web forum is the same as expecting someone to read your blog post on AIM. People don’t fire up discord for that. I open discord to say good morning to my august bumpers group, or to share a meme with some friends from FFXIV. The reason web forums still exist (admittedly, they aren’t as booming as they were 15 years ago,) is because they serve a specific purpose which still cannot be replaced. As much as people try to argue social media is adequate for what a web forum can do, I find it is simply not true. They are without a doubt the best way to form what you could call a community on the internet. I wouldn’t even bother looking elsewhere to fill that need.
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    Lol im not that much active here i lurk and post abit
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    That's actually true. I realized it about an hour when I posted that. haha I just get the Harry Potter vibe whenever I see All Might and Deku. At least their relationship reminds me of Harry and Dumbledore. For sure there is some Harry Potter influence but just a portion of it. And now that I think about it, MHA is very typical shounen. A lot of reviewers have commented that as well. The usual from weak to strong main character. And it's not a bad thing. It's shounen executed well. But comparing MHA to OPM, OPM is like a breath of fresh air. How about 2nd seasons though? What do you think of OPM season 2? Compared to MHA season 2 or 3?
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    I'm not disagreeing with you but I don't know if Harry Potter is the best comparison unless you're strictly basing it on structure. You would have to look at the dynamics to see where they differ. Deku for example is driven and knows what he wants to be, and is always working toward that goal. He wasn't born special like his classmates, but offered the opportunity he embraces it fully and both appreciates what it is to have such power and understands how much work actually goes into mastering it. Compare that to Harry- a kid who was basically neglected and used from the start, had no vision of who he actually wanted to be and just went along with wherever the wind was blowing. You could make an argument here that, given the circumstances of his fate being thrusted upon him, it wouldn't have mattered much if he did have a clear goal in mind (beyond besting Voldemort, obviously.) That all said, what we are looking at here is a story about 'following dreams, proactively working toward a goal and bettering yourself along the way, ' versus a story more in the direction of 'surviving with the hand you are dealt and making pragmatic choices.' At least in my perspective, that's pretty different. Despite the above I think I understand where you were going with it. People love stories in that format and they sell, and that's why it has potential to be long running and widely popularised among a ranged audience.
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    As an older anime fan I also like One Punch Man more as I feel My Hero Academia's target audience are kids. And I don't know if a lot of people know this, but MHA is Harry Potter. At least for me. All Might is Dumbledore and he will eventually die. (I haven't read the manga so I can't confirm). Which will leave the burden of defeating evil to Harry who is Deku. Dumbledore was the strongest wizard and the only one who can beat Voldemort. All Might is the strongest hero and the only character the villains fear. And they are in Hogwarts, a school for heroes. And his Ron and Hermione are his classmates. And this is why MHA will have 4 or more seasons. Because Deku will mature and get stronger and graduate. Just like Harry. And so on. But I do like both shows. I just lean to One Punch Man a bit more.
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    Yeah, MAL has its share of problems. I've swapped over to anilist, which seems to be fine for me, but I have no idea if it'll be any good for your website.

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