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  1. Just don’t think it’s for me 5/10 Quincy's craft - Bleach
  2. 6/10 most the points are for nostalgia lol. Smile Bomb -Yu Yu Hakusho ps I’m gonna love this thread, I have an expansive list of awesome anime music lol
  3. CGI like that old show that used to air on cartoon network (the one with all the blue ppl)or something like beast wars even though the show is great is not something I like. Hopefully one day cgi can look like 2d and then there can be more anime!
  4. Woah, thanks everyone! I’ll have to check these out!
  5. @alupacard Ah shucks, thanks so much! I'm trying to make an effort to be here more often. @Beocat I've introduced quite a few ppl to anime, but they never watch like I do, nor do we watch together. @xWickedNekox that sounds awesome! I never watched anime together with someone, and I would very much like to do that. @ArchieKun it really is a shame when ppl can't appreciate anime. Its literally like every other form of entertainment, just better
  6. Thanks guys! I’m just really shy and don’t like the act of making new friends...if that makes any sense.im close with my current friends and one of them watches anime but he lives far away now
  7. If you liked the Ghibli movies then I believe it will do you well to watch the movies made by Shinkai and Hosuda. Garden of Words, Your Name, 5cm per second, by Shinkai. The Boy and the Beast, Summer Wars, Wolf Children, The Girl Who Lept Through Time by Hosuda.
  8. Can any recommend a short manga series? Like even 1 volume. Also less then like 10 if possible. I ask cause I would like to collect some, but I don't have much space.
  9. I guess it depends on the anime, but does anime ever just make you really sad? If so, which ones and why (without giving away spoilers) Something about anime, that gets me really attached. I feel like I've always been like that. I can watch a regular show or movie and it can be sad, but I won't feel it like with an anime? The anime, in particular, that is currently bothering me is Garden of Words, which I've seen before and told myself I would watch because of how hard it hits at home. But at the same time, I'm obsessed with that movie, it's so beautiful imo.
  10. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that I am a person who possesses a lot of perseverance and empathy towards others. (humble brag) As I sorta look back to figure out where this came from, (not my awful parents) I have come to believe that I owe some of it to anime. I like to push through adversity like many anime characters and I am also accepting of all kinds of ppl, which again I believe it because of anime. (not trying to turn this into a political thing, please don't make this a political thing lol)
  11. Wait, what? How could you tell me if I'm wrong.I've literally seen that quote in their profiles/bios..... as well as other similar things like not interested xyz (skin color) #aorrynotsorry (Literally saw that today) but I know that's not everyone obv
  12. Hey everyone, I made a promo/bump much like the ones Toonami/Adult Swim makes. This is my first attempt at anything like this. Just wanted to share it for the sake of sharing it. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!
  13. Thanks for your reply, but honestly everything after "not using dating sites" is worthless. Especially if you're going to say I'm desperate. Try out tinder or bumble. Or just read about. Girls put their venmos, they match with everyone to get instagram followers, they say if you're not white don't swipe right....that's just the surface man...girls (at least on there) are not in it for the personality. That comes 4th. Awww dude, thanks!!
  14. I completely agree and understand. Its just crazy that this has become our culture. I'm not looking for anything serious, it would be nice to have some validation that I wasn't some grotesque being not worth a single match. I mean it would be nice just to get ice cream with a girl or something, idk lol. I kinda want to be single too, i prefer that, but it would be nice to be with someone as well. Again, idk. I don't do much outside, rather I love being outside, but no one is gardening and/playing ball, going for walks. I'm in my mid 20s and I go for walks alone. But thank you for you response, I appreciate it. I was just super bummed, cause I actually got a match with an attractive girl, and then I saw she unmatched. Didn't even know her and it was like really bothering me. Sigh Yeah it's crazy man. Thanks for the kind words.
  15. You know I got a real nice camera and started taking nice pictures bought new clothes and still nothing. I even did an experiment where I made a fake account with some standard looking dude and the photos were off google images so they were poor quality and he had like 25 plus likes in an hour. So yeah I deleted everything and lost faith in humanity after that Hahahahahaha that would be so funny and I would be down
  16. So,I've had it for years, have had several nice photos and bios created and I have never received a like on any dating app. I must be truly ugly. I mean ppl in person tell me I'm decent but I suppose not. The internet does bring out the worst in some ppl and those sites are def full of shallow ppl but still not a single like for me. I must be hideous. Crazy thing is when I talk to people we get a long perfectly and girls always say I'm sweet, but I just don't look a certain smh.
  17. Other then Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and basically anything else Yoko Kanno does (wolf's rain, terror in resonance I know of as well)
  18. Dude, please watch AOT S02 ASAP!!!!
  19. Hey everyone! Anyone wanna recommend a Gundam series I should watch? I've seen Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam 00. (I feel like those are all the great ones Hopefully I'm wrong lol) I appreciate your help!
  20. Hey everyone! I don't know what it is, but something about the nice weather and the sunlight entering the home, makes me wanna stay inside and watch tons of anime lol! Every summer I find myself watching/finishing a lot of series and I want everyone to partake on what I've come to call the Summer Anime Grind. Let me know what you're watching/plan to watch! I finished Violet Evergarden and am currently making my way through Orange.
  21. The girl in the second Pokemon movie, the one who can summon Lugia. She and Ash had a nice thing. Oh I also like Sora from Naruto, well actually he's annoying AF, but in the ark there are a lot of NS moments (a boy can dream, right)
  22. Bruh, let me hit you with the must watch Death Note Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Code Geass Yu Yu Hakusho Stein's Gate

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