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    higurashi, ouran high school host club, Black Butler, Death Note
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    Slice of Life
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    Yandere - Set 2


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    The world's most awkward person
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  1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm absolutely LOVING Toradora! so far!!!!

    1. Soramee_


      let's goooo!!!

  2. I use to play World of Warcraft religiously but not so much anymore, but I do still come back occasionally (I'll def be buying the new expac tho Dragons are my fave) Now I play mostly RPGs, I do play the occasional visual novel but I don't play them nearly as much as I did in high school! I love Dragon Age, and the pre-Andromeda Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls series (not the mmo), Fallout Series (not 76), and Rimworld!
  3. started watching Toradora! and now I have to stop to go to work x.x I'll watch it once I'm back home later tonight!

    1. Metro


      Absolutely the best show!

  4. no worries! I was a bit edgy so I loved watching Higurashi and I also loved Ouran High School host club! I also still have a deep love for Death Note is you haven't already seen those ones yet!
  5. do you have any other details? Maybe even a pic to go on?
  6. mine is kind of dumb, but I use to be obsessed with death and in my early 20's cause I'm a dorky goth girl, I decided to embrace that. I changed my username a few times but kept the "Necro" part in. dotexe is just a play on those cheesy old creepypasta games that I still have a guilty pleasure looking at
  7. I just finished watching Angel Beats the ending made my cry so hard, i'm still wiping the tears off my face.
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Raven, I'm 25 years old and I'm trying to get back into anime! I was the biggest weeb in middle and high school! I miss the community and the excitement from it! I just started watching family x spy this morning but I lve also watched one punch man and my hero academia semi recently! I'm about to start demon slayer! I watched a lot of older anime, from the early 2000s up to the early 2010s! My favorite genres are comedy, romance, slice of life, and drama with a bit of action. A couple or my hobbies outside of this is gaming, Art, and I just started getting into working out regularly! I'm happy to be here! :) hope to make a lot of new friends!
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