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  1. The problem is, the "f2p" model often ends up being a big cash grab with these kinds of games. Sure, you can start playing for free but if you wanna go far with the game you have to spend, and spend a lot. So you have to decide for yourself. Play a "free to play" game that could wind up being expensive, or a boring grind if you choose not to pay out, or pay a subscription for a good game that puts said subscription fees back into making a good amount of content?
  2. Always been a console/handheld gamer. Never really had the specs with a PC to keep up playing new releases. I've played some MMOs on PC over the years, but really got into playing Final Fantasy XIV on PS3 with the trial, and now play it kinda religiously on PS4.
  3. All I remember is that iMon had the merge happen after X Evo went down, and was friends with one of the staff here. Could've been Optic, could've been someone who's left since then and new staff have been since brought in to replace those who've left. I don't know. But this place is literally the only lead I have to get hold of him. If they're about on another active Digimon forum, they're not under the same name. I've posted up the idea I had for an RP but no one's taken an interest so far, unfortunately from what I've seen.
  4. Was looking on his profile and couldn't find the option to PM him Left a message on his profile, so we'll see how long it takes him to see it and reply.
  5. Yeah, while some series do go with some strange choices in terms of story, one thing I do think is holding the medium back is restrictions on streaming, which I've never understood why they exist in the first place. I think its just out of the fact I'm British that I don't get it. As is true for a lot of Japanese media brought to the west, we see more series in subbed or dubbed form in the US. But things get iffy when it comes to Europe. We Brits don't get a number of series because the companies don't want to fork out for working into the wide range of languages in Europe, and yet when we do, we're tossed the same version that the Americans already got. In this age of the internet, if you don't allow something to be gotten legally, people who want that something will just pirate it. There's so many fans out there that haven't contributed anything to the shows they enjoy because they watch on illegal sites. Some act like "If I can get it free, why should I pay for it?", others say "I can't find this legally in my country." The latter is a legitimate complaint, and one I find more from people outside the US and Canada. But unfortunately, we have few ways to try correct this. The former is what I have issue with. One can tell people you can watch things on Crunchyroll for free, and get "But I don't wanna watch ads!" thrown back at them. Here in the UK, Crunchyroll Premium is £5 a month, or £40 a year. That's the same price as your year of Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. Is that really too much to pay out to watch anime legally?
  6. Hey Optic, wondered if you might to help me. You wouldn't be able to get a hold of iMon, would you? Hoping to speak to him about seeing the X Evo forum backups he mentioned putting up and never did.

    1. Optic


      I sent him a PM and CC'ed you into it but it looks like he hasn't logged in for a very long time..

  7. Hi there everybody. I'm one of the few who originally came here with X Evolution went down and we wound up merging the boards. I'll be honest, I mainly came back here looking to see if I could get hold of iMon who I believe set up the merger to begin with. Would anyone be capable of contacting them? They haven't been around here in a couple years, but maybe someone can get in touch? Looking to RP a bit, maybe. There's a Digimon idea I have but I've not had much luck with getting it off the ground with a group.
  8. Fair enough. I did the same thing when I started and just fell in love with the game. You get a lot of limits with the free trial, though I hear they relaxed some of them when they upped the level cap for it (It used to be Lv 20 per class, but now its Lv 35.)
  9. Oh cool, I've just started a break from it. I play way too much as it is, and while I've bought other games, I have quite the backlog. Intending to come back a month or so before the upcoming expansion. Feel free to grab me via PM if you have questions, I can probably answer them for you. Which server and data center are you from? I'm Yuka Keshiro, and i'm playing on Moogle (on the Chaos data center) Mainly playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Tales of Berseria at the moment.
  10. Unfortunately, The Beginning was a publicity stunt. Its not something that IBM Japan are actually putting weight into developing at the moment.
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