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  1. After buying X the Series and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence I've really been obsessing over the 2 titles all over again. ^^ I've always liked Fuuma Monou. His destiny was chosen for him... after certain events. I don't want to delve into it more than that. I'm basing that on my experience of watching the movie though, I just started the series when I got it Monday night. Originally he was a genuinely nice, kind, polite person, until a destiny that he never had any control of was forced onto him and changed him drastically. I've always empathized with that in my own way. So, in the spirit of Fuuma, both before and after his destiny changed him, I've made a gif and sig of him. Here's the result of my Fuuma Monou tribute project:
  2. Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition: I'm still in Route B (playing as 9S), but I've only progressed to destroying the machines in the desert at Anemone's request. Well, I haven't actually started destroying the machines in any of the 4 spots highlighted in red on the map yet though. That's because I'm trying to fish for a Beetle Fish from the Desert Oasis beforehand. It's the only fish from that body of water that I need to catch to collect the data for the Intel section. I won't get any achievements or anything for doing things like this, but I'd just rather have the Caught Fish data at 100%. ^^ Once I catch that Beetle Fish though from the Desert Oasis I'll progress the story further. ^^
  3. I started watching X the Series tonight. I just finished the first episode (Reunion), but I'm really looking forward to watching all of the episodes. ^^ I'll pick it up on episode 2 tomorrow. I LOVE X!!!!!
  4. I just bought a blu-ray of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (the English dub), X the Series (DVD), and a new 128gb memory card for my Switch (which makes 3 separate 128gb memory cards for it now). I got those 2 anime because big sis' got me X: the Movie and the first Ghost in the Shell on DVD. She got me Ghost in the Shell (1995) first since it was released sooner than X: The Movie which was released in 2001. I didn't understand a lot of the philosophical and existential aspects of Ghost in the Shell since I was in my younger teenage years, but I've always loved that movie because big sis' trusted me to be mature enough to watch it and knew I could handle it. It was a Christmas present, but before she gave it to me she asked mom if she could talk to her in mom's and dad's room. I was kind of confused and was really wondering what was going on, I definitely remember that. lol Apparently though big sis' wanted to ok it with mom first before she gave me the DVD of Ghost in the Shell given it was a film aimed toward adult audiences. I still have absolutely no idea what the conversation was between them, but big sis' got mom to agree to give me that movie as a Christmas present from big sis'. I was ecstatic when she came out with the DVD of GitS in her hand and I think I even got wide-eyed. lol Sis' got me X: the Movie either the next year or the year after that, but I can't remember if it was a Christmas present or birthday present. I've loved that movie for a long time, too. ^^ I've been meaning to get the DVDs of X the Series, but only managed to do it recently. I remember someone I met at some point a long time ago said I should see the X the Series which is the first time I heard of the series. Apparently the series released after the movie though. I'm amazed I've been able to get one. ^^ Everything about X (movie and series) and the first 2 Ghost in the Shell movies will always remind me of big sis', so I'm really excited to finally have those so I don't have to constantly worry that I might not get either one. ^^ It makes me remember how big sis' would always be thinking of me, her little brother, and those first 2 anime movies she ever got me will always spark memories of her when I watch them or my 2 new purchases from those franchises.
  5. Yeah it is. lol Until there's so much laughing that the cheeks start to hurt. Not to mention the stomach pain from doing it too much. ^^;
  6. I think everyone's crazy to some degree, though some are really off the scale in that way. Some people are just a little bit crazy though. That's just my opinion, but that's really how it seems after looking at how people will act in certain situations. I'm not saying anything about me though. lol At least not publicly. As far as what potential degree of crazy I may or may not be. That last part in parentheses made me laugh though when I really needed it. ^^
  7. Insomnia (2002 movie with Al Pacino, Robin Willians, and Hilary Swank). I think Alaska would be a liiiiittle too bright for my taste. ^^;
  8. Oh, ok. lol Sorry, missing the obvious is and always has been my default, but no one's really ever figured out why. It's always been frustrating though. ><
  9. I'll be 36 this year, so I'll use that number to avoid the headache of trying to figure out half of 35. Half of 36 (give a year) I would've been 18. That was after my big sister moved out and I didn't see her as often as I used to when she lived with us, but she'd still visit, although I can't remember in what intervals, but it was either a month or 3... I'd have to ask mom about it to know for sure... When she'd visit she'd take me to a movie theater which I really liked because I loved to go to those (as long as no one was being disruptive in there anyway), but I can't remember which movies we saw. I wish I could remember being there with her, experiencing the movie theater together as little brother and big sister, but I wish a lot of things that aren't going to happen. After she had her daughter though she understandably couldn't take me to those anymore because her daughter was so little, which I was ok with. Just the fact that I'd be able to see big sis' and her daughter whenever they visited was pretty sweet. ^^ When I was 19, in the next year when I was 19 is when she passed away. I basically play games all the time, so I don't have much to tell other than her passing away which I still feel a lot of heartache for.
  10. I was actually talking about the funny sounding names plants have. Though I guess they don't always sound funny. They might sound funnier to some people more than others though.
  11. Old men in anime that can kick some serious ass.
  12. Funny plants or funny sounding plants? lol
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