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  1. I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin (Wolf's Rain AMV)
  2. That gave me a much-needed laugh after waking up. rofl
  3. The ability to be in two or more places at once. ^^
  4. What do you think your animal spirit would be?
  5. Give you all the anime merch in the world as long as you didn't ask how I got it. lol
  6. Some Tang I mixed into a water bottle. ^^
  7. Maybe, if you can get close enough.
  8. Take It Out On Me by Bullet For My Valentine (Devil May Cry AMV)
  9. Than you. ^^ I can only hope she did because I'm too afraid to ask. Over time I've just gotten afraid to ask her things. I'm really not sure why, she's always been a good mom to me and big sis'. There's not a lot of rationality with the way I am though. ^^; Unfortunately. So, I most likely won't ever know why I've become like that over time. It's pretty much with anyone in person though if either I'm in a bad or sad mood or I even remotely think that the person I want to ask a question to is feeling how I am, which is usually. None of the way I am today makes any sense. ><
  10. A heart-shaped box of chocolate candies for a late Valentine's Day gift~ ^^
  11. Hi again, old friend. ^^ Welcome back. I'm glad you were able to get clean from those 2 things. You've definitely watched an incredible number of anime in those 3 months. I'm glad you're doing good now. ^^
  12. I bet you'll find one at some point, you just need to be patient. ^^ I'm glad you were still able to get a Mitsuki merch though~
  13. I tried to be in a good mood for mom since it was Valentine's Day, but pretending to be happy when I'm not isn't something I do a very convincing job of anyway. Being depressed most of the time doesn't just go away when it's convenient... Anyway, I tried for mom, but I don't think I did a very good job today. Being paranoid about every little thing doesn't help anything either. >< So, I feel pretty bad for not being able to be good company for mom today.
  14. It's never a good idea to underestimate someone, so I don't think you could.
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